Our commitment
to healthy water.

When it comes to natural bodies of water, bathing lakes, fish farms or water obstacles on golf courses, it's often difficult to maintain the water quality and keep it balanced and healthy. Our references show just how varied the effects of this problem can be and how bodies of water can be brought back into balance using natural and sustainable means. We call this "helping nature help itself".

Natural body of water

The popularity of Quellitzsee lake as a recreational area for swimmers and anglers was severely affected by major sludge formation and blue algae. By using the environmentally friendly SchlixX Plus, OASE was able to achieve a sludge reduction of 50–75% and restore full use of the water.

Key facts

  • Location: Tauperlitz, Bavaria, Germany
  • Natural body of water, 6 ha
  • Problem: Sludge formation, silting, blue algae growth
  • Result: 50–75% sludge reduction

Fish farm pond

This fish farm in Rödental, Upper Franconia manages six carp ponds. The problem: Heavy sludge formation and too little oxygen led to a huge number of carp deaths. The OASE solution: Using SchlixX Plus, winner of the German Award for Sustainability, to reduce sludge, and PeriDox, which has been developed to keep fish healthy. 

Key facts

  • Location: Rödental, Bavaria, Germany
  • Fish farm pond, 4000 m3
  • Problem: Lack of oxygen, sludge formation, fish death
  • Result: Sludge reduction, increase in oxygen content, fish death prevented

Gottorf Castle moat

The castle lake and moat at Gottorf Castle, located near Schleswig in Germany, have been the site of an increasing number of fish deaths. Sludge with a high organic content formed to a height of up to 1 m, significantly decreasing the oxygen content in the water and the water volume – and therefore minimising the space for fish to use as habitat. As part of the unique and ongoing pilot project undertaken by the Ministry of Energy, Agriculture, the Environment, Nature and Digitalization of Schleswig-Holstein (MELUND) and the city of Schleswig, SchlixX Plus provides a cost-effective method of restoring the biological balance of the water. Expected result after three applications: 30 to 60 cm of sludge removed.

Key facts

  • Location: Schleswig, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
  • Moat: 3 hectares, castle lake: 18 hectares
  • Problem: Sludge formation, algae growth, fish death
  • Pilot project undertaken by MELUND and the city of Schleswig

Lake for bathing and recreation 
Kleiner Russweiher

At Bavaria's largest lakefront mud bath spa, foul-smelling sludge and mud has increasingly become a problem for bathers, anglers and nearby tourism. For this reason, a collaborative water therapy project involving the spa operators, tenants and municipal representatives was launched in 2019 that has provided very convincing results.

Key facts

  • Location: Eschenbach, Bavaria, Germany
  • Lake for bathing and recreation, 27 ha
  • Problem: Sludge formation, silting
  • Result: 28,000 m3 of organic sludge removed, sediment reduced by an average of 22 cm

Special Area of Conservation

More frequent periods of drought and sediment build-up were causing the water level of the pond in the nature reserve to sink steadily. This led to a huge number of fish dying for several years in a row. The long-term use of SchlixX plus from 2012 onwards made it possible to stop siltation and fish mortality while maintaining the valuable biotope. The environmental compatibility of the water therapy was documented through intensive monitoring by experts over an eight-year period. 

Key facts

  • Location: Georgsmarienhütte, Lower Saxony
  • Pond in a conservation area; 10,700 m2
  • Problem: Siltation, sludge accumulation, oxygen depletion, fish death
  • Result: Sludge reduced by 34% on average from 2013 to 2020. Fish mortality stopped despite new siltation of around 3 cm each year