Our most valuable raw material deserves the highest quality.

The one thing humans, animals and nature need for life is water. And it's water that is in balance – water of a quality optimally adjusted to its intended use. We develop our products and solutions with an awareness of the value of this irreplaceable resource and the different conditions that constitute water quality. They help to sustainably preserve water bodies as habitats or to make water of insufficient quality for humans usable again. The most important thing: The majority of our processes are based on natural methods and are as compatible as possible with flora and fauna. In addition, they impress with their high effectiveness, because with most of our products, positive results can be seen after a short period of time.  To ensure the high quality and safety standards of our Water Technology products worldwide and at all times, all of our products are produced and controlled in our Centre of Excellence – from a single source and with the first-class "made in Germany" certification.

Lake Therapy 

Effectively reducing sediment: with SchlixX and SchlixX Plus

sludge and sedimentation are often the root of most evil in many bodies of water. Our SchlixX and SchlixX Plus products are added to the water body by boat – specifically where the sediment is – at the bottom.  Both products naturally decompress the organic content of the sediment while binding phosphorus to prevent algae formation. The plus in SchlixX Plus are additional aquatic microorganisms that actively support the degradation of the sludge. 

Crystal clear: 3 steps to healthy and beautiful water

Whether it's algae formation or suspended matter that is affecting the water body: In three simple, interrelated steps, visibility and lasting beauty is restored and the water is freed from unpleasant odours. 

For living bodies of water: our water ventilators.  

Standing bodies of water often suffer from a lack of oxygen. With professional aerators and decorative fountains, we also provide a strong supply for large bodies of water – providing support so that animals, plants and microorganisms can breathe freely for a long time.

Get to the bottom of it: using water analysis.

What a body of water lacks or what it needs can often only be determined by fundamental water values. From practical test kits for self-testing to comprehensive laboratory analysis, we offer everything you need to clear things up.

Technical water treatment

Water treatment: with WaterBox & CarbonAdd®

The innovative, decentralised solution for converting different types raw water at local sites, for example into high-quality drinking water or water-saving fountain water – quickly, efficiently and only with water's own substances.