The installation of the new OASE SplashKit.

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For all those who love simple solutions, the SplashKit offers the optimal installation support. Here you will learn everything about the simple installation of the SplashKit and the components belonging to the system. The good thing about it - the instructions are available here as a video.  

In the individual chapters of the instructions, we show you step by step how to install and connect the SplashKit in the incorporated variant. Use this practical support, for example, to train employees or as immediate help on the construction site if questions should ever arise.

Installation video - step by step.

The OASE SplashKit in the embedded version.

 You want to install a SplashKit in the hanging version? Then this video is just as useful for you, because the connection of the ProNect Transition Box (chapter 2) and the installation of the effect unit (chapter 3) are almost identical.    

1. Installation and connection of the SplashCan 

2. electrical connection of the ProNect Transition Box 

3. installation of the effect unit

You still have questions about the installation or need help?

Then feel free to call us. Our expert hotline is - as usual with OASE - there to help you directly on the phone. And with OASE Remote Assist you can, as always, receive direct help or instructions for your construction project from an OASE ServiceEngineer.

At a glance: the two installation variants of the OASE SplashKit.

Embedded SplashKit

In the built-in installation method, the SplashKit is permanently installed - usually buried or set in concrete, with the SplashCan built-in pot serving to safely protect the effect unit. Thanks to the installation with separate water pipes, maintenance, care and water change is extremely simple.

Hanging SplashKit 

With the hanging version, the fixed installation of the SplashCan is omitted. This installation comes into play when the structural regulations require the installation of a water basin, into the cover of which the effect units are hung without a pot using a clamping ring. While each water supply line runs separately, the discharge of the water takes place via the feed into the water basin.  

For all those who would like to receive all-round information about the OASE SplashKit 

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