OASE ProNect: 
Leading connection

ProNect is the world's first underwater connection technology to be rated IP68. The patented technology saves time and money – and guarantees extra safety.

With ProNect, all DMX-RDM components can simply be plugged in. There is no need to wire each individual effect unit, which can be a complicated and error-prone process. ProNect also provides a 12 V AC or 24 V DC power supply. A coaxial flat seal with integrated capillary barrier makes the connections waterproof down to 4 m, while a mechanical control ensures correct connection to prevent short circuits.  

The OASE ProNect system thus allows installations to be installed and maintained exceptionally smoothly and efficiently.

Which essential components benefit from ProNect technology?

OASE underwater switch: spot on.

The DMX-capable underwater switch for single-colour 24 V LED or halogen spotlights and AirNozzle nozzles can be used to control up to four components at the same time, enabling a system saving of up to 50%. It boasts an IP68 rating and ProNect connectors for easy installation in all types of water.

OASE underwater LED driver: full range.

This switch is the perfect controller for the latest and strongest generation of LED RGB(W) spotlights. Up to four spotlights can be connected, which are controlled via DMX and provide feedback on the operating status via RDM. The driver is IP68 rated and can be used in freshwater, pool water and saltwater. It can be connected quickly and easily using OASE ProNect connectors.

OASE underwater power supply: saves where saving is needed.

Our patented power supply has IP68 water protection and is installed directly in the reservoir, from where it supplies up to four devices with power. It's the first of its kind to be approved in the USA for permanent operation under water, and can even be used with low-voltage devices. The connections are easy to install and maintain via OASE ProNect connectors. Efficiency of over 90% further demonstrates the productive nature of this solution, which additionally saves space in the control cabinet and reduces the corresponding material needed for wiring.