Show fountain 

Shopping centre – Singapore 

Project highlights


Renovating the "Fountain of Wealth" – listed as the world's largest fountain in the Guinness Book of Records


Continuing to use the comprehensive water technology already in place


Maximising show functionality

The mission

A world record breaker

The Fountain of Wealth in Suntec City – one of the largest shopping centres in Singapore – has been world-renowned for quite some time. The fountain was built in 1995 and recognised as the world's largest fountain in the Guinness Book of Records three years later. In 2013, OASE set out on the mission to renovate the fountain and give it a new lease of life. The fountain stands ten metres tall and boasts rich symbolic meaning that should not just be preserved, but also developed further. 

Focusing on harmony

All aspects of the Suntec City shopping centre were designed in line with the principles of Feng Shui. The fountain plays a central role: The bronze ring, with a circumference of 66 metres, is designed based on the Hindu mandala. Mandala means universe, representing unity in spirit, plus equality and harmony across all the cultures and religions in Singapore. Water, on the other hand, symbolises wealth and life in the local culture. When renovating the fountain, OASE had the task of maintaining all of these principles and expanding their influence over the entire "Fountain Plaza".

The installation

A new look for an existing structure

During the initial "design and build" phase, the OASE team developed a plan to integrate the existing technology and pipe system of the water feature into a new design. One of the project requirements was to continue using the structure of existing tanks, pumps and pipes. After this phase, the shopping centre's management team was presented with a creative concept – creating new, spectacular effects by developing existing components of the fountain using OASE Varionaut pump technology.

Seeing the bigger picture

Keeping in line with the Feng Shui philosophy, the OASE team paid special attention to details such as the number of vertical jets and jumping jets that were added during the project. 68 of each type of jet were used in the design – a number that is said to bring good luck. The mandala symbolism came into play when developing new choreographies, which were designed to stimulate the visitors' unconscious minds through clever use of colours and shapes.

The successes

Enriching culture

The water moves inwards from the edge of the bronze ring to its centre – a feature of the original design from 1995 – representing the preservation of the wealth of Suntec City. Wealth is not only understood financially, but also culturally and beyond. OASE has successfully added value to this water feature and given it a complete makeover, adding the option of show choreography. Outside of show hours, visitors can enter the centre of the fountain and walk around the middle ring of jets, which is said to bring luck. This 360° panoramic attraction becomes a fascinating and exciting showstopper once the choreography of music, lights and water begins.

Added value now and in the future

The Fountain of Wealth is one of Singapore's most popular tourist attractions. The fountain is two-storeys high, meaning it can be enjoyed by customers in restaurants at Suntec City and visitors walking through the Fountain Plaza. Thanks to its successful renovation by OASE, the fountain will continue to attract visitors in the future. Upgrading the water feature technology with a variety of new effects has increased the appeal of the fountain in recent years, establishing itself as the centrepiece of the entire Marina Centre and enriching the entire area surrounding Suntec City. With OASE as a maintenance partner, Suntec City is prepared for the future and the functionality of this unique fountain system is ensured in the long term. 

Project fact sheet

Project nameSuntec City – Fountain of Wealth
Year of completion2013 (renovation)
Type of waterPool water
LocationShopping centre
Fountain typeDesign fountain
Height of installation10 m
Size and shape of the fountain pool50 m x 50 m
Fountain effectsJumping Jets 
Single Jets
Animation/fountain show
Project management
Project engineering
Service/customer support

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