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One might think that a fountain system is essentially very simple – all you need are pumps, nozzles, lighting and a few cables. The trick, however, is not only to manufacture the individual components to the highest quality, but also to skilfully assemble them into an impressive, unique installation that completely fulfils its intended function. A fountain system can produce a wide variety of effects depending on the client's location and intention.   If you run a shopping centre, you want to create a special shopping experience for visitors. If you own a hotel, it's important to offer a showstopper that enhances your entire space and attracts potential guests. For local authorities, it's a question of revitalising public spaces or creating a new highlight for tourists with an effective show installation. But it's not always about creating a spectacle. Installations are often designed to radiate calm and delight with their unique design, for example on company premises or spiritual sites. Last but not least, you can also create lasting impressions with a temporarily installed fountain system - e.g. at city festivals, concerts or private parties. 

Whatever your plan, our competence and experience are sure to help you achieve your goal. 

Inspiration from and with our customers

CV-Entertainment in Schweinfurt

More impact for your event.

Whether it's a city anniversary, music festival or large company party: temporary fountain systems give your event a unique highlight. Consisting of OASE components that are individually installed as a mobile system, these systems offer everything that their permanently installed relatives also inspire with: Fascinating water patterns, dynamic fountains up to 30 metres high, fire and fog effects, magical light shows - with or without music. The mobile systems can be installed either on land in an associated water basin or by crane in an existing body of water. One thing is certain in any case: they offer your guests unforgettable impressions - and, unlike fireworks, without any fine dust emissions or loud explosions. And with so much enthusiasm, you might even decide in favour of a permanent fountain at this location.

Add value to shopping centres.

People love shopping – and what could be better than the huge variety of choice offered by a shopping centre? It could only be a shopping centre with a huge variety of choice and a striking indoor fountain. The interplay of movement and light invites people to look, increases the amount of time they spend in the centre – and even has a positive effect on the number of purchases made. At the same time, a fountain creates a special atmosphere through pleasant background noise and enhanced air quality. The Guinness World Record-breaking installation at the Xinhu Mingzhu shopping centre in China or the first interactive fountains in Sochi/Russia show that there are no limits to what we can achieve.

Bring life to the city.

Ever-increasing traffic, a lack of parking and advances in online shopping mean that more and more cities, large and small, are facing the challenge of making themselves more attractive to visitors and residents, keeping their high streets alive and creating lively places for interaction. Fountain systems in squares or parks are city-planning staples that significantly increase quality of life and can also help cool the air on hot summer days. Typically, people gather in these spaces to take a break from shopping, have a coffee or just relax, perhaps taking advantage of free Wi-Fi zones. Splash deck fountain systems are a special attraction, particularly for children – and OASE is setting industry standards in design and cost efficiency with its new SplashKit.

Attract more tourists.


Tourism is an important economic factor for many cities – but competition is high. State-of-the-art fountains provide an excellent opportunity to stand out from the international competition. Water serves as a mesmerising central design element at certain times of the day. Thanks to digital control technology and innovative effects, spectacular installations of any size can be created: Breathtaking fountain creations, mist and fire elements, laser projections on water screens and coordinated soundscapes offer thousands of spectators unforgettable moments. We set new standards with our record-breaking installation at Unirii Square in Bucharest, and the Multimedia Fountain Park in Warsaw, where seasonally changing shows attract more than a million visitors each year.

Make areas more appealing.

Large business and service centres with state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment are ideal sites for companies – even more so when a fountain system adds to the area's appeal as an eye-catching focal point and meeting place for employees and visitors alike, as in Wangjing SOHO in Beijing. The installation is an animated highlight that enhances the value of the area and its architecture. Similarly, harbours and marinas can be revitalised and visually upgraded with state-of-the-art fountain systems. Thanks to saltwater-resistant components, OASE installations are drawing crowds in coastal areas around the world – such as in Saudi Arabia with the Al Marina Lagoon Fountain, which is located in seawater with a 4% salt content.

Make a bigger statement.

How can you distinguish yourself from the competition and communicate your corporate identity through the architecture of the company headquarters? This is a question that plagues many companies – and we have the perfect evocative solution. A fountain in front of the building or in the foyer allows companies to make a visual and architectural statement that they are dynamic, agile and unique with state-of-the-art lighting in the corporate colours. Similarly, an installation on the company premises with an intentionally soothing aura can contribute to the wellbeing and relaxation of visitors and employees.

Give business more energy.

Whether in hotels, casinos, restaurants or entertainment facilities, people are looking for something special – and that's exactly what a "made by OASE" fountain system can offer. A dynamic water installation and striking light effects catch the eye from a distance and invite visitors and potential customers to come in for a closer look. An indoor installation also underlines the special character of a location and helps make guests feel relaxed, encouraging them to stay longer and return in the future.