Project highlights


Received two prestigious international awards in its first year of operation 


Splash deck fountain with a floodable floor 


Exceptional international cooperation 

The mission

Harmony over a large area

How do you give an area with a wide variety of uses – including large-scale retail, commercial and residential units – a harmonious overall look and feel? This was the question that OASE had to answer with its unique fountain system. The water feature was intended to accompany visitors through a large part of the complex without being intrusive, while at the same time surprising them with some special features. A peaceful atmosphere and thrilling special features – the OASE team needed to find the perfect way to combine these two polar-opposite concepts. 

Growing with the task

The second major challenge for the project managers only became apparent once the implementation of the project had begun: The global pandemic resulted in extensive travel restrictions and made it impossible for OASE employees to supervise the project on site. So how did OASE manage an international project where the presence of technical experts was absolutely necessary, while also having to work remotely? The OASE team took on this task with great zeal.  

The installation

Creative cohesiveness  

OASE's creative concept involved combining a large water feature in the centre with eight smaller fountains in the surrounding areas to give the extensive complex a cohesive feel. The smaller installations were intended to guide visitors through the complex, while the large splash deck fountain would serve as a central meeting place. Instead of stunning visitors with impressive feats such as fountains reaching record-breaking heights, the focus of this project was on combining harmony and varied, lively water effects. Brightly coloured illuminations make the fountains a beautiful sight to behold, especially in the evening. Intelligent OASE Varionaut pumps allow the playful water variations to be controlled individually and orchestrated very flexibly. And as a special highlight, the area of the splash deck fountain can also be completely flooded, giving it the feel and charm of a small pond. 

Expertise makes the expert   

The OASE team has many years of experience and an extensive international network that allowed it to cushion the blow of the unforeseen difficulties ushered in by the pandemic at the start of 2020. While the planning and discussions with the project managers continued to run from Germany, in order to install the fountain system, OASE relied on local partners and experts who were already familiar with OASE products. Despite the adverse circumstances, the project was completed on schedule and – above all – in accordance with the high standard of quality that OASE customers have come to expect. 

The successes

Quietly exciting 

The top feature of Al Liwan's water landscape is its perfectly balanced versatility. A number of small fountains attract attention through playful animations, from dancing splash deck fountains to cascades and water spray effects. These are further enhanced by colourful light accents and varied choreographies. A water tunnel that spontaneously emerges from the ground tempts viewers to embark on a joyous adventure before it quickly disappears again. All in all, the landscape simultaneously fascinates and relaxes visitors, residents and guests of Al Liwan and invites them to stay awhile, enjoy the water features and unwind. 

Excellent and extraordinary   

The overall concept of the business, leisure and residential complex of Al Liwan has already received two prestigious international awards for excellence and innovation in its first year of operation: The Arabian Property Award (2021–2022) for one of the best mixed-use real estate development projects in Bahrain and the Middle East Economic Digest (MEED) award for Commercial Project of the Year. The joy of this double victory was shared by everyone involved in the project, with the developer, the entire team at OASE and the local partners all being able to look back on the project with great satisfaction. 

Project fact sheet

Project nameAl Liwan business, leisure and residential complex 
Country Kingdom of Bahrain 
City/region/area Hamala 
Year of completion 2021 
Type of water Frischwasser 
LocationCommercial area, hotel, residential area, public space 
Fountain type Splash deck fountain 
Design fountain 
Height of installation  Up to 1.25 m 
Fountain effects Single Jets​ 
Multi Jets​ 
Frothy Jet 
  • Arabian Property Award (2021–2022) 
  • Middle East Economic Digest (MEED) Award 
Services Consultation 
Project engineering 
In collaboration with  M. H. Al Mahroos BSC 

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