Because our most valuable asset needs the best solutions.

Water is the source of all life – and, for decades now, it has been the element around which everything revolves at OASE. Having started out exclusively as a pump manufacturer, we now offer sound expertise in all aspects of sustainable water treatment and processing. Around the world, scientists and engineers at OASE WATER TECHNOLOGY are developing innovative solutions for preserving water as a habitat and source of livelihood. Our minimally invasive water therapy solutions enable lakes and ponds of different types, sizes and uses to revive and find balance in a natural way. At the same time, our smart methods in the field of technical water treatment help to ensure that people around the world can use water without any worries, especially where it has not been possible to date. This once again shows that we have something crucial in common with water: we also always find a way. 

Maximum effectiveness, minimum invasiveness: OASE water therapy.

Do you want to increase water volume without the need for any excavators or mud piles? Do you want to combat green and blue algae in a targeted and effective manner, and thus restore the benefits the water body was intended to provide?  OASE's innovative and cost-effective solutions offer many ways of keeping any type of water body healthy and in a stable state of equilibrium in the long term.

Clear benefits: Water therapy services

With OASE water therapy, our customers benefit not only from smart, tried-and-tested products, but also from the technical support and practical support of our Water Technology partners throughout the entire process – from the first analysis to the final reporting.

H2O at its best: Technical water treatment

In many cases, water has to have certain properties and qualities to perform a specific function safely. With our intelligent solutions for external technical water treatment, almost any kind of water can be selectively treated – from drinking water to water for our fountain systems. 

Global commitment: our memberships 

We are involved in international associations and organisations so that we can keep abreast of the latest developments, foster interdisciplinary exchange and strengthen partnerships. You can find an overview here. 

Hand in hand for you: the OASE partner network 

In order to offer our customers the best possible service around our products and solutions from a single source, we rely on successful partnerships with our certified OASE Water Technology partners. Benefit from a powerful, global network of professionally trained specialist companies.