Craft and art combined with experience

Whether it's a small fountain in a hotel complex or a large-scale installation with show choreographies that are continually updated – having put in place more than 100,000 systems, we have gained a wealth of experience and brought unique creations to life, and we continue to provide maintenance for many of these water features to this day. Our work always focuses on the individual desires of our customers, the context of the overall design and the conditions on-site. This is because every element has a role to play in our installations. We make sure that each element fulfils its role to the optimum in the long term, inspires enthusiasm and exceeds expectations. And, above all else, brings your vision to life.

From ideas to experienced support – our services.

From designing never-before-seen attractions to planning support and feasibility studies, and from devising new show choreographies to providing services for an existing system – our reliable OASE specialists have a solution for everything. 

Application areas: Adding value with fountains.

Whether the aim is to provide a multimedia show, a place to rest and relax or an interactive experience, fountains have the unique ability to create, enhance and add emotion to spaces like nothing else – regardless of whether that space is in a shopping centre or public area, in front of a hotel or on business premises. 


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