Entertainment Fountain 

Shopping Mall – Istanbul 

Project highlights

Largest fountain system in Turkey with 35,000 visitors at the opening
Successful international teamwork with customers, suppliers and implementation partners
First-time use of innovative technologies and elements such as "flame nozzles"

The mission

Astonish together. Enjoy together.

Istanbul Water Garden Shopping Mall was designed to showcase the cultural and culinary diversity of the city and condenses it into a unique experience – all in one place. The "water garden" plays a central role: Live entertainment was as much a part of the concept as opportunities for rest and relaxation. The 5000 m² fountain in the heart of the shopping centre was designed to be a unifying element for the entire concept, using both calm ambient animations and spectacular shows with very different focal points.

The installation

A bustling atmosphere

Each area of Istanbul's largest mall was to convey its own individual feel and put visitors in a variety of moods in just one day. A reconstruction of a typical market street, modern shopping ambience, food from the different regions of Turkey – the design needed to incite an emotional response to the diversity, tradition and cosmopolitan feel and make it an unforgettable experience. The greatest challenge for the OASE team was therefore to depict this multitude of moods to fascinate visitors and persuade them to linger.

Spirit meets deep relaxation

As diversity was a major aspect of the concept, the task was to design a water feature with maximum flexibility. The design had to accommodate the sound of loud concerts in an event area with capacity for 4000 people just as well as the quiet background noise of everyday life. Probably the most significant element to unite these contrasts is OASE "flame nozzles", used for the first time to create the effect of a flame dancing on the water columns. Furthermore, lasers form a futuristic contrast to atmospheric light images and 30-metre fountains alternate with an endless loop of smaller nozzles. 

A team as diverse as the project itself

As the largest project of its kind to date, both the OASE and customer teams were correspondingly strong and diverse. Partners, suppliers and specialists from different sectors and countries have successfully shared their expertise and learned from each other. Challenges – such as the available power supply – were dealt with using the experience of the team or overcome with customised solutions. The result was a motivated atmosphere during the project, with everyone willing to make the impossible possible.

The successes

Emotions that engage

The aims of the concept were to emotionally engage people, inspire them and persuade them to spend time in the area – and these were achieved in full. The "Istanbul Water Garden Shopping Mall" captivated 35,000 people on its opening day alone. Whether they have been attracted by the shopping centre or the water garden, the OASE fountain system is still the central meeting point for visitors today. It doesn't just round off the image of the shopping centre: it's a defining aspect of its design and emotionally moves a large audience.

Maximum flexibility

When there are concerts in event area at the Istanbul Water Garden Shopping Mall, it is not just the audience that dances: The water can also dance to the beat. When there are special promotions in the centre, it's not just the shops and restaurants that entice visitors with specialities and special offers – the spectacular water fountains can also pique their interest. Thanks to the almost unlimited possibilities offered by a super versatile setup, any event can be thematically represented by the fountain system and the customer experience can be personalised as required. This makes every visit to the shopping centre unique. 

Project fact sheet

Project nameFT0786 Water Garden Shopping Mall
Year of completion2016
Type of waterPool water
LocationShopping centre
BenefitsEntertainment / show / fun
Fountain typeShow fountain
Height of installation30 m
Size of the pool40 m x 80 m
EffectsSingle Jets, Multi Jets, WaterScreen, Fire Effects, Fog Effects, Motion
Our services in the projectDesign, Manufacturing, Project management, Project engineering, Installation, Component supply, After sales service
Show & ChoreographLaser Fabrik
In collaboration withDuru Havuz, Laser Fabrik

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