that speak for themselves.

Our greatest passion is inspiring people worldwide with water. Our diverse range of references shows just how many forms this inspiration can take. Each of our projects is based on a unique idea or vision from our customers: We then use our global expertise to bring these to life as high-quality, customised designs. Whether it's a shopping centre, a public square, a hotel or a smart city concept: Where there's a will, we find a way.

„Dancing Queen“ – Fontänenshow

Die Band ABBA hat Musikgeschichte geschrieben und zusammen mit Stołeczna Estrada entfachen die nächste ABBAmania: Im Mai 2024 feierte im Warschauer Multimedia Fountain Park eine neue Show Premiere: „Dancing Queen“ erinnert an einen legendären TV-Auftritt der Band im Jahr 1976 im polnischen TV – und bietet alle großen ABBA-Hits aus vergangenen Jahrzehnten kombiniert mit spektakulärer, perfekt synchronisierter Fontänentechnik von heute.


Disney 100 - Fontain show   

This year, Disney celebrates its 100th anniversary, and commissioned by Stołeczna Estrada together with a huge team we created an impressive fountain show in the Multimedia Fountain Park in Warsaw. Remembering and presenting the most beautiful Disney movies we take visitors on a journey through history to the rhythm of the most famous songs from classic animations to the latest cinema hits.  


Splash deck fountain – Al Liwan 

The residential and commercial facility Al Liwan combines retail, commercial and residential areas in a single complex. OASE's aim was to implement a water feature that ran through the entire complex and acted as a link between different areas with different uses, giving the whole area a recognisable central theme. The fountains needed to radiate harmony and at the same time be varied and exciting. 

Key facts:

  • Location: Residential, commercial and public areas 
  • Splash deck fountain 
  • Two international awards in 2021  

Show Fountain – Beijing 

The special, flowing architecture of the Wangjing SOHO Towers in Beijing was to be complemented by a technologically and aesthetically sophisticated water feature. 30 m high fountains from a system that is always covered with water, a highly complex pipeline system with a total length of 316 m and a unique choreography successfully play together here. 

Key facts:

  • Location: Public square in business centre 
  • Show fountain integrated into state-of-the-art architecture  
  • Individualised technologies, such as adjustable water level and unique rhythm programming 

Musical fountain: Dilmunia Island 

The 1.7 km Dilmunia saltwater canal on Dilmunia Island (Bahrain) is a public promenade and event space that acts as a central point for the island's shopping centre, hotels and residential areas. A fountain system has been designed to enliven this unique waterway, impress residents and tourists, and withstand the challenges associated with using saltwater over the long term. 

Key facts:

  • Location: public area with shopping centre and residential area 
  • Musical fountain/design fountain 
  • State-of-the-art saltwater system measuring 1.7 km in length 

Splash deck fountain system – Kiev, Arsenal Square 

One of the most popular and modern squares in the Ukrainian capital needed to be enhanced even further by a special attraction. OASE's idea really hit the mark – a splash deck fountain with dynamic effects has been entertaining thousands of guests with fascinating music shows since it opened in 2021 – including a world champion… 

Key facts:

  • Location: Public square   
  • Splash deck fountain with water attractions for children   
  • Varying fountain show for evening events  

Shazhou Youhuang Rice Wine Exhibition Centre

Suzhou is one of the most important rice wine cities in China. The Shazhou Rice Wine Exhibition Centre is being built to honour the traditional drink. In one of the outdoor spaces, the impressive appearance of the monumental fountain system is intended to get visitors in the mood to experience the rice wine theme right from the entrance.

Key facts:

  • Location: Suzhou, China
  • Show fountain system with fog system and LEDs
  • Result: monumental staging of the rice wine theme

Show fountain – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Initially, the operators of the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) Park were only interested in changing the lighting for its large fountain system – but an exciting design from OASE left them wanting more.  After a complete overhaul, the show fountain is now a major attraction and much more energy efficient.

Key facts:

  • Location: Shopping centre/public space
  • Renovation of musical fountain system
  • Result: spectacular tourist attraction

King Power shopping centre, Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand's leading duty-free shopping centre operator King Power wanted to install a musical splash deck fountain on the forecourt of its flagship centre in the heart of Bangkok that was as impressive as it was varied. Today, over 400 Varionaut 270 series pumps and ProfiRing spotlights form the basis for ever-changing spectacles.

Key facts:

  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Splash deck fountain
  • Result: spectacular, varied shows

Design fountain – Singapore

The Fountain of Wealth – located in Suntec City, one of Singapore's largest shopping centres – was a record-breaking fountain when it was first built. At 18 years old, it was in need of a makeover. OASE developed a renovation design that built on the existing architecture and technical structures of the fountain, incorporated the Feng Shui principles of the shopping centre and created a buzz with modern show choreography.

Key facts:

  • Location: Shopping centre
  • Design fountain with 360° panoramic view
  • Renovation of an existing fountain

Splash deck fountain system – Chengdu, China 

OASE was tasked with proving its full creative potential in a space totalling just ten square metres. The result was an accessible water feature displaying countless water shows and achieving fountain heights of up to 10 metres. This attraction in a shopping centre in Chengdu has become a social media star, featuring in 39,000 videos so far since its opening. 

Key facts:

  • Location: Shopping centre 
  • Splash deck fountain system as a central focus, along with several other water attractions 
  • Highlight fountain show for any occasion 

Water Rain Curtain –  Suzhou, China

The Xinhu Mingzhu shopping centre in Suzhou will welcome its visitors with a fascinating attraction right at the entrance. The concept: "Water shall fall from the sky". Thanks to OASE, the centre is now home to a water curtain in which drops of water run down nearly invisible threads from a height of 26 metres – a world record.

Key facts:

  • Location: Shopping Mall
  • Concentric water curtain in a shopping centre
  • World record

Design Fountain – Sapanca, Turkey

The Elite World five-star hotel combines relaxation and workspaces to create an exclusive hotel and holiday experience. To fully invoke the luxury atmosphere of the hotel complex, OASE created an impressive water landscape that extends over the entire hotel complex and includes a wide variety of installations and highlights, such as the large waterfall.

Key facts:

  • Location: Hotel
  • Design fountains/architectural fountains in a hotel complex
  • Water landscape with an extraordinary colour concept

Entertainment fountain – Bucharest, Romania

The fountain system in Unirii Square was built in the 1980s and had fallen into complete disrepair over the years. In just four months, OASE restored the gigantic installation to its original style and implemented state-of-the-art fountain technology. This resulted in a multimedia water spectacle that attracts several hundred thousand visitors every year.

Key Facts:

  • Location: Public space
  • Show fountain
  • World record

Entertainment Fountain – Istanbul, Turkey

The Water Garden Shopping Mall is an innovative cultural, dining and entertainment centre. Its main attraction is the huge OASE music-controlled show fountain system. This feature is not just the focal point of the complex – it also forms an impressive connection point for each of the different areas of the shopping centre, exemplifying its emotion-driven concept as much as possible.

Key facts:

  • Location: Shopping Mall
  • Show fountain
  • Largest fountain system in Turkey

Entertainment Fountain  – Kalkara, Malta

The SmartCity in Malta is a centre of excellence consisting of office, residential, retail and hotel buildings. A spectacular water feature was designed to stand in the centre and provide never-ending inspiration while also reflecting the various moods of a Mediterranean day. This project posed a particular challenge: It's operated using Mediterranean saltwater.

Key facts:

  • Location: Public space
  • Show fountains on the water
  • Saltwater system

Multimedia Fountain – Warsaw, Poland

In 2010, One of Warsaw's many green spaces, "Plac l Dywizji Pancernej", was to become a capital city attraction and shine with new splendour. With a water screen and unforgettable light, water and music shows, this aim was achieved – and the fountain park continues to amaze thousands of visitors every day. 

Key facts:

  • Location: City park
  • Multimedia show fountain
  • One million visitors per year

Show Fountain – Banpo, South Korea

As part of the revitalisation of the Han River district in Seoul, the Banpo Bridge was to be completely redesigned as a link between two parks. OASE installed 380 swivelling nozzles powered by 38 high-performance pumps along the entire length of the bridge, creating 1140 metres of moving waterfalls in rainbow colours. 

Key facts:

  • Location: Public space
  • Bridge fountain installation
  • World record