The most popular job title in our  Development department: Facilitator.

OASE Fountain Technology is an industry leader in innovation with over 30 global patents – and it's all due to a very simple reason: Our technicians aren't just dedicated specialists in their respective fields – more importantly, they possess the perfect blend of professionalism, a spirit of discovery and the passion to constantly rethink what they think they know. They continually revisit our components and effects to find the crucial detail that can make even proven technologies even better and create an unparalleled and inspiring experience.

Our technicians love the challenge of customer concepts that seem almost unfeasible at first – it spurs them on to achieve the impossible. They are inspired and motivated by ideas from architects, planners and developers and use their market insight as a basis for designing contemporary and extraordinary water features. They test new materials and digital components to make running the systems more efficient and sustainable: For example, they experiment with new fountain nozzle configurations and pumps to create innovative and unique water patterns. They also re-examine failed ideas and develop them into their next new concept. An intensive prototyping phase then follows to prepare the concepts for series production.

This is how OASE Fountain Technology experts manage the seemingly impossible: Making the next generation of systems even more stunning, economical and innovative.

Using old ideas as a basis for innovation: Our open system makes it possible.

Anyone building a new OASE fountain system from scratch benefits from the accumulated excellence of our innovative solutions – but even existing systems can be modernised using the latest OASE technology. This is all thanks to our philosophy of always using an open design system – all components and parts must be as compatible as possible with all other systems. For example, all users can opt for energy-saving OASE LED spotlights, install efficient pumps and integrate digital control technology into their existing infrastructure. This enhances their fountains and makes them more economical without having to replace the entire system.

1. The SplashKit

A plug-and-play system for splash decks.

The innovation: The SplashKit can be used to flexibly configure splash deck fountains of any size. It is available in suspended or permanently embedded designs, features digital programmable effects and is up to 15% cheaper to install*. The SplashKit is perfect for fountain systems with a central water supply.

The principle: The SplashKit is significantly easier and safer to install thanks to intelligent, perfectly coordinated component design and OASE ProNect connectors. The system can be programmed or controlled at any time and from any location using DMX/RDM signals. The compact SplashKit effect units can also be integrated into existing splash decks to update the system and make it more efficient.

* Compared to other commercially available systems based on a matrix of 10 x 10 fountain units.

2. 3D fountains

Water in a new dimension

The innovation: Rotating, digitally controlled nozzles are used to generate dynamic water patterns in conjunction with light effects. Overlapping multiple effects creates unrivalled three-dimensional water displays.


The principle: The innovative Multi Directional Drive (MDD) is at the heart of this concept, as it uses different nozzles depending on the desired pattern, e.g. to produce precision fountains or fan effects. The Multi Directional Drive pivots with high speed and accuracy by up to 200° on the X axis and up to 140° on the Y axis. It can rotate by 360° on the Z axis in both directions. It uses this flexibility to shoot the water into the air and paint the desired visual effect.

3. The Fountain Flame

A completely new combination of the elements

The innovation: The Fountain Flame unites seemingly incompatible elements: gushing cool water and blazing fire that seems to dance on illuminated fountains up to 8 meters high. They are a fascinating show element that can be installed permanently or only as required. For even more spectacular fiery performances, the mobile BigFlameAqua produces brilliant flame effects up to 10 m high.

The principle: The unit consists of a digitally controlled pump, nozzle and LED spotlight, as well as a gas burner that uses DMX programming to produce flame effects. The flame is then carried upwards by the water to form the desired spectacle. Alternatively, the flame can also be projected onto a water jet parabola.

4. ProNect

Technology that combines safety and efficiency

The innovation: OASE ProNect are patented plug-in connectors with an IP68 protection rating. They are waterproof to up to 4 m and a cinch to install. Built-in capillary barriers prevent the ingress of water and protect the equipment. This innovative connection technology transmits DMX/RDM signals and delivers the 24 V power supply. All this makes ProNect connectors an integral part of the OASE fountain system.

The principle: Instead of laboriously wiring every system component in a way that is prone to faults, OASE systems simply use ProNect connectors. They are suitable for connecting all components, from LED spotlights with underwater drivers to pumps, nozzles or other effect units. This saves a huge amount of time and money when installing, maintaining and replacing individual components.

5. Salt water fountains

Fountain systems in salt water – safe, stable and long-lasting 

The innovation: Corrosion and salt crystal deposits in water pipes are just two of the common but enormous challenges posed by salt water in fountain systems. Defective or clogged water pipes lead to distorted or incomplete water patterns in fountains, resulting in disappointed spectators. Our solution: Using only high-quality and extremely resistant materials, offering intensive service and continuously optimising the design and all components.

The principle: All components used in our salt water fountain systems are made of high-quality stainless steels or super-robust plastics to prevent corrosion and the penetration of salt water. To avoid salt crusts and deposits forming – caused by drying on the water surface – our systems are designed as underwater fountains. The smoother the surface, the harder it is for deposits to stick to it – this is the principle followed when designing premium LED spotlights. Edges, corners and grooves are a thing of the past thanks to a process specifically designed for salt water applications. Our service is also adapted to combat the challenges posed by salt water: Through more intensive care and shorter maintenance intervals, we are able to achieve long-term and stable operation, which we regard as our quality standard.

6. The FlashWall

A curtain of water droplets to create unique scenes 

The Innovation: The FlashWall is a water curtain that creates magical patterns, writing and moving graphics in the air. Individual water droplets – working like pixels – are controlled to fall with precision from a height of up to 10 m and produce customised graphics, logos and text. The images created by the water droplets materialise once properly lit, and the lighting design itself can be adapted to suit any requirements. Individual FlashWalls can be installed either as a straight water wall, for example as a room divider in public areas, or as a curved curtain. Multiple FlashWalls can also be positioned one behind the other to create 3D effects.

The principle: Nozzles that are attached to a rail release tiny water droplets via individually controlled solenoid valves that are actuated extremely quickly. The compact arrangement – each nozzle has a diameter of 4.6 mm and is mounted at a distance of 11,3 mm from the next –guarantees a dense water curtain. The precise control and the speed at which the values are actuated creates very high image resolution, down to the display of individual pixels. The FlashWall supports maximum creativity in two ways: The modular system creates endless design possibilities in terms of the length and diameter of the system, and new water effects can always be created in the future too. Even interactive concepts are possible, as the FlashWall is freely configurable using a smartphone or tablet.


7. Fountain shows

Productions that are ready for the future

The innovation: Fountain shows are digitally programmed and controlled in order to create a complete work of art by orchestrating breath-taking combinations of effects underscored by music. We have developed the fastest and best system on the market for just this purpose.

The principle:  The digital components – pumps, water switches, LEDs, special effects, music – are triggered exactly as specified in the show controller's program using DMX signals. The best part is that the dimensions of each effect can be calculated, simulated and visualised in 3D in advance and with a high level of precision. The effects are then recreated exactly as shown during the actual show. The system is designed with variability in mind: Shows can be reprogrammed to fascinate viewers anew time and time again. To take one example, our multimedia fountain in Warsaw presents a spectacular new show every year.


8. Varionaut

The first intelligent pump on the market

The innovation: Our patented, digitally controlled Varionaut pumps produce fountains of varying heights at very high speed. What makes these pumps special is that each individual pump can be controlled separately, letting you compose a multitude of modern and unique dynamic water patterns.

The principle: Varionaut pumps are controlled individually using DMX signals and deliver the required amount of water almost instantly at up to 100% of their maximum output capacity. They also use 50% less power and come with RDM status monitoring as standard.

9. Jumping Jet

The birth of the interactive fountain

The innovation: Jumping Jets produce an extremely defined and controlled jet of water with a lighting effect that reaches its precise target without producing any spray. They can be used is to produce walk-though tunnels made from dancing arcs of water or other playful effects: The water can be dispensed in a series of small amounts to generate a staccato pattern.


The principle: Jumping Jets are nozzles featuring stainless steel cut-off devices and water softeners. Their operating principle is actually fairly simple – but it took a huge amount of precision work and engineering skill to perfect the product. Jumping Jets can be used outdoors – by adding them to existing splash decks, for example – and indoors, as they produce virtually no spray.