Splash deck fountain systems 

Shopping centre – Chengdu, China 

Project highlights 

Creative use of limited space 
Social media star: 39,000 videos about the fountain at Taikoo Li shopping centre in Chengdu on TikTok China alone 
Precise rhythm control and innovative water show programming 

The mission

Lots of magic – in just ten square metres

The Taikoo Li shopping centre is located in the centre of Chengdu, China. Its open streets in a western-Sichuan style are the perfect mix of tradition and modern, boasting international brands, high-end restaurants and small shops with a unique ambience. But the charm of these winding streets was also the greatest challenge of this project: The design team was tasked with creating a fountain to act as a vibrant centrepiece in a central square as a way to attract visitors – and all in an area of just ten square metres.  

Enthusiasm shoots up

Water features are always part of a bigger picture, as they interact with the surrounding environment. The search for an outstanding feature for the splash deck fountain meant that the OASE design concept in Chengdu expanded in the only possible direction – upwards. The fountain is 10 m high and towers over the base area. Using this design means that water does not pool; it runs along the grooves in the base back to the pumps. Splash deck fountains are designed to blend into their surroundings to create an exciting attraction, rather than being an obstacle that takes up valuable space.

The installation 

Narrow streets, narrow time frame

The technical implementation required perfect organisation from the OASE team. The overall design of the area showed that a small shopping village was to be built around the fountain – and the splash deck was just one of many technically challenging attractions. A water landscape throughout the entire shopping centre was to be created using overflow basins, a mist-spraying fountain and a waterfall with an impressive, smooth-surface effect. This meant that delivery routes, water and electricity supply connections and testing phases had to be coordinated with almost all parties involved in constructing Taikoo Li and schedules had to be followed to the minute. This made it all the more astounding that the designers were able to celebrate success even before commissioning began, as everything ran smoothly during the debugging phase, which is intended to correct any early errors. Thanks to professional, regular maintenance, the fountain system continues to run smoothly for seven hours a day.

Exponential creativity

Due to the limited space available for the fountain system, no moving effects were incorporated into the design: This meant that it was especially important that the system was flexible enough to allow the creativity for new water shows to be continually delevoped. This goal was achieved through precise rhythm control, fascinating lighting effects and innovative water show programming that focuses on sustainability. Choreographies can easily be amended where required – an option that has been embraced in a very diverse way in Chengdu: 50 new songs were programmed in 2017 alone, with special water spectacles for holidays, promotions and cultural activities. 

The successes

When hearts beat faster  

Just as planned, the OASE water feature has transformed a small square into a social, interactive platform that now forms the heart of the Taikoo Li shopping centre. The barrier-free concept for the splash deck fountain appeals to children in particular, as they can touch and play with the water – which in turn boosts sales of children's clothing in nearby stores. Children have always loved playing with water – and that won't change any time soon. 

A water feature you're sure to hear about  

The fountain system in Chengdu provides an extraordinary amount of spirit and variety in an impressively small space. Sometimes the water shows are graceful, sometimes playful: Sometimes they follow neat patterns, sometimes the patterns are random. The water droplets light up in every colour and create a dazzling show for everyone who watches, and it's not uncommon for spectators to snap images and videos of the water feature with their smartphones. The fact that there are 39,000 videos on the TikTok China platform and that the fountain has been copied several times by competitors also proves that this benchmark system is drawing a lot of attention. 

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Project fact sheet

Project name Chengdu DaCiSi Business Center 
Country China
City/region/area Chengdu
Year of completion 2015
Type of water Fresh water 
LocationShopping centre/public square
Fountain type Splash deck 
Height of installation  10 m
Size (and shape)  10 m x 10 m
Fountain effects Jumping Jets​, 
Single Jets​, 
Multi Jets​, 
Fog Effects 
Services Design, 
Project management,
Show and choreography,
Project engineering, 
After sales service

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