Whether 30, 300 or 3000 LED spotlights are installed in a system, whether DMX-capable pumps, controllable fountain nozzle units for the most diverse effects or even perfectly synchronised music are added – every single DMX/RDM terminal must be 100% precisely aligned and controlled so that the fountain show is as exciting as it should be. And this is precisely the main task of a WECS III show controller: Via its DMX channels, it controls each individual component and sends the signal to action or stop. Thanks to state-of-the-art digital technology, these switching operations and pulses can be performed quickly and simultaneously for the respective DMX/RDM components.   

And how does the controller know when the DMX pulse should occur? This is the job of the programming software. For each effect unit, a graphical interface is used to determine when and how long it should perform which action. The result: striking building lighting, a dynamic, varied fountain experience or a world-class high-end show programmeinstallations of all sizes can be operated with the OASE WECS III controllers to suit all requirements.   

Another task of the WECS III devices is remote device management (RDM). Each DMX/RDM-capable component continuously reports its current operating status to the WECS controller. If significant deviations or failures occur, they are reported and can be rectified immediately.


Good to know: 

The installation and any replacement of components is fast and uncomplicated thanks to the patented OASE ProNect connector system. Lengthy downtimes are therefore prevented.

The optimum controller for every application

Small fountain installations

Perfect for smaller fountain installations with simple fountain effects or even building lighting which are individually controlled. New effect sequences keep these up-to-date even after a longer period.


Medium fountain installations

For medium-sized installations with more components for much more variation in water and light creations. 


Larger fountain installations

For larger installations with complex light and water effects or for sophisticated shows with musical accompaniment.


Multimedia fountain installations

For highly complex shows that combine spectacular fountain arrangements with video projections, 3D laser shows, special effects or other multimedia formats.


Fountain expansions

The ideal addition to the controllers if many additional end devices with a DMX/RDM signal have to be connected or are required to be controlled over longer distances (e.g. in secondary pools).


The more channels, the more possibilities

Which WECS III controller is right for an installation depends on which and how many DMX/RDM components have to be operated. A theoretical example: A DMX-capable pump requires 2 channels, which means that the medium-size controller with 512 channels could control up to 256 pumps. However, other end devices installed in the fountain system have a higher DMX channel requirement, e.g. LEDs 3–7, the Jumping Jet Rainbow Star 8, the Multi Directional Drive 3D effect unit with 12 channels. Conclusion: The type and number of DMX terminals connected and controlled in the system defines how the controller must be dimensioned – whether with 64, 512, 1024 or 4096 DMX channels.

Unique technology with unique advantages for each fountain dimension

WECS III 64–1024 

WECS III Multimedia Controller D2 

  • Stand-alone entertainment DMX/RDM controller
  • Includes WEPS show software (64/512/1048)
  • Sold separately for all: Depence² show programming software with control module
  • Calendar function for daily, weekly and annual run schedules
  • Remote maintenance
  • For live operation: Changes to the fountain programming are immediately visible live

Suitable for the control of:

  • Fountain choreographies
  • Interactive fountains
  • Music choreographies (1024)
  • LED light shows

Connection options for: 

  • Wind anemometer
  • Water level sensor
  • Relay
  • Stand-alone multimedia showplayer with music output
  • Sold separately: Depence² show programming software control module and animation and show modules
  • Scheduler, BMI – logic automation
  • Setting for maximum fountain height
  • Touch display for show information
  • Remote maintenance
  • Control of up to 4096 channels – individual expansion possible

Suitable for the control of:

  • Fountain choreographies
  • Video projections
  • 3D laser shows
  • Music choreographies
  • LED light shows
  • Projector presentations

Connection options for different sensors: 

  • Wind anemometer
  • Water level sensor
  • Relay