The new WECS III

The next generation of show controllers 
for small fountains to multimedia systems

Premium performance in every dimension

WECS – these four letters stand for Water Entertainment Control System. WECS allows almost unlimited possibilities to control fountain installations of any size with the latest digital technology and the corresponding programming software

The new WECS III controllers are available in three versions – either with 64, 512 or 1024 DMX/RDM channels. Plus: the OASE multimedia controller D² with 4096 channels, the top-of-the-range model for the most demanding, highly complex multimedia shows. The advantage for you as our customers: You always receive the control system that is exactly right for your needs and preferences and with it, the appropriate programming software required for your installations. Any fountain shows, from small to large, can be implemented economically with first-class technology. Additionally, if a fountain installation needs to be expanded, for example with new DMX/RDM system components or an extension into a secondary basin, then you can upgrade both the hardware and the software accordingly and inspire with a whole new dimension of effects.

The main advantages at a glance:

  • One for all: All WECS controllers are stand-alone devices, no additional PC or other hardware is required.
  • Innovative possibilities: Thanks to the fast Ethernet data transfer, new usage possibilities are conceivable – for example, interactions from viewers via mobile apps.
  • Long-term perspectives: Thanks to their connectivity, adaptability and expansion possibilities, the WECS controllers are already prepared for the future.
  • Unlimited use: Due to the open operating system, DMX devices from other manufacturers can also be controlled. For example, those installed in existing systems.
  • Software for the highest demands: The control software used for the controllers is used worldwide for major stage shows such as concerts and musicals – and has been specially configured for fountain shows.
  • Easy handling: The show programming can be created externally and in advance via appropriate programs. It is then simply transferred to the controller via USB stick, for example, so the system is ready to start.
  • Full control during planning: With the Depence² software, complete shows can be visualised and fully animated in 3D and in real time with exact fountain and light effects as well as the choreographic sequence.

Connected to the future as standard


Each WECS III controller has four DMX/RDM lines, which allows up to 128 DMX/RDM end components to be directly controlled. With the entry-level version WECS III 64, up to 64 channels can be occupied. With each new controller size, the available channels increase.

Flexible expansion of the system: If additional DMX/RDM lines are required during the installation of the system, a WECS III node device can be connected to the WECS III controller, which enables the connection of further end components. 

Another practical feature is the integrated USB port, for example to update the firmware, upload show programmes or connect a Wi-Fi device via USB stick. With an additional Ethernet port, remote maintenance, system control, system updates or future expansions, e.g. a cloud connection, can be effortlessly implemented from anywhere in the world.


A total highlight is the option of establishing a connection with the new OASE WECS III node devices via high-speed Ethernet. The OASE node – also called "slave" among experts – acts as the extended arm of the WECS III controllers: With its four DMX/RDM lines, the node can simultaneously forward the signals to many DMX effect units and at the same time, provide clean status feedback via Remote Device Management (RDM).

Thanks to this high-speed Ethernet connection, even large installations with huge amounts of data can be controlled centrally over long distances with up to 16 node devices connected in succession on 68 DMX/RDM lines with up to 2176 end components.  


Innovation for interaction

The immense data speed also opens up completely new possible uses – e.g. interactive water and light displays in real time, controlled by a mobile phone app, in which viewers can take over the choreography of the fountain and thus experience it in a unique way.

Innovation with future prospects

Thanks to the superior technical equipment, the WECS III controllers are well equipped for the future. Whether installations are to be modified or expanded or new areas of applications such as stage shows are to be recorded, the WECS system is ready for everything and can be flexibly adapted to suit all requirements. Even when connecting other DMX terminals within a show – such as light or music – the OASE WECS system offers flexibility and openness.


Perfect interaction: Hardware plus software 

The entire OASE Water Entertainment Control System offers different ways to combine hardware and software. Of course, we will be happy to help you establish the perfect configuration for your requirements and your desired fountain size.


The OASE support programme:
comprehensive service

With an OASE WECS III, you don't just get a superior controller system for your fountain installation – we also include long-term support that keeps your control technology up to date at all times:


Our media portal provides firmware updates on a regular basis.



Download the latest software updates here.