Spectacular state-of-the-art saltwater musical fountain measuring 1.7 km in length  


Durable saltwater system equipped with the latest technology for saving both space and energy 


International, reliable teamwork  

The mission

The 1.7 km Dilmunia saltwater canal: Shining in every colour 

Dilmunia Island is a complex consisting of retail spaces, hotels, residential areas and commercial facilities – all linked by a 1.7 km waterway. In a bid to bring this large expanse of water to life, the main focus of the Dilmunia Island project managers was finding a solution that worked with saltwater and that was as durable as it was unique in design. The goal was to create musical fountains that would display unprecedented show effects and atmospheric water patterns to accompany and delight residents and tourists alike as they make their way along the canal.  

1.7 km of waterway as a central link 

Once OASE had impressed the customer with its undisputed expertise in saltwater systems, design became the main focus of the project. The fountain system needed to be an exceptional centrepiece for a wide variety of occasions: Whether it's a memorable event, at specific show times or during everyday life, the designers of the Dilmunia canal wanted to bring together and astound families from Bahrain and tourists from all over the world. The technical system itself therefore needed to be as inconspicuous as possible to allow the emotive experience of watching the fountain to be the main focus. 

The installation

Expertise from beginning to end 

The technical coordination stage of the project started in early 2020. OASE was able to draw upon its wide range of products and technical solutions that are compatible with saltwater in order to alleviate the effects the seawater would have on the system, for example corrosion and issues caused by marine life and deposits. Designs and materials that are optimised for saltwater applications – plus expertise regarding proper installation, requirements during operation and maintenance intervals – were used as a basis for planning the project from the very beginning. 

The team were met with challenging conditions during the implementation phase because of restrictions due to the Coronavirus pandemic, as these prevented the OASE team travelling to the construction site. Thanks to perfectly coordinated collaboration with the trained and reliable OASE partners in the country, it was still possible to complete the installation of the fountain system in an extremely short time. 

A variety of splash deck fountains 

As the canal varies in width from 15 to 35 metres and is an enormous 1.7 km in length, the OASE team was able to design and implement a variety of water features along it. Comet nozzles create calmer water patterns with elements that grow out of the water like giant flowers. The rippling splash deck waterfalls enchant visitors. Dancing multimedia fountains are choreographed perfectly with synchronised music, creating an impressive display. Finally, over 1200 colour-changing LEDs add character to both the more subtle and eye-catching water effects. The entire system is fully automated and ensures that visitors have an unparalleled overall experience. 

The successes

Millions of emotions 

The Dilmunia canal now acts as a central link on Dilmunia Island, helping to attract residents and visitors to shops and restaurants by creating a lively atmosphere. Having such a wide range of show programmes and silent water features provides an enormous variety of eye-catching moments and reactions. As visitors make their way along the canal today, they see tourists and residents alike stop and lose track of time as they wonder what is coming up next. Children gather in anticipation of the breathtaking water, light and music shows every day – and especially on weekends – before making their way home with a smile on their face. 

Ideas brought to life 

The client's vision of creating a state-of-the-art water feature along the entire length of the 1.7 km canal – running from the marina in the north of the residential area to the Dilmunia Garden at the south end of the island – was successfully realised in the shortest possible time and under incredibly difficult conditions. Using the latest OASE technologies meant that this work of art could be created in such a way that it saves space and energy, is easy to install, and – most importantly – will be functional for many years to come. It fits elegantly into the design concept for the island and helps to unify the complex and its various uses into a holistic experience. 

Project fact sheet

Project name Dilmunia Grand Canal & Marina – dancing seawater fountains 
CountryKingdom of Bahrain 
City/region/area Dilmunia Island 
Year of completion 2021 
Type of water Saltwater 
LocationShopping centre, hotel, residential complex, public space 
Fountain type Show fountain 
Design fountain  
Height of installation  Up to 20 m 
Size and shape of the fountain pool 1.7 km saltwater canal, width ranges between 15 and 35 m 
Fountain effects Single Jets
Multi Jets
Frothy Jet
Air-powered jets
Transformer Jets 
Animation/fountain show
Project management
Project engineering
In collaboration with  M. H. Al Mahroos BSC 

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