WaterBox & CarbonAdd

For drinkable water – anywhere and in a smart way: OASE WaterBox & CarbonAdd®.

Water is essential to life. Global consumption of this important resource is increasing and at the same time it is also becoming more scarce. Many people still do not have regular access to drinkable or even just clean water. This might be because there is no water treatment infrastructure to filter out harmful substances, for example. Or perhaps because the water is desalinated saltwater, which is the product of an often-used “reverse osmosis” process (RO) and is extremely pure but deprives the human body of vital minerals.

Healthy and stable water isn’t just hugely important for people, water management structures such as metal pipes can also be damaged by aggressive water. The corrosive nature of desalinated water in combination with its low carbonate hardness means that it attacks pipes, pumps and other systems that come in contact with the water.

With the water treatment product, CarbonAdd® and the corresponding dosing system, the OASE WaterBox, we are now offering an innovative solution that converts domestic or drinking water into clean, stable water – prepared specifically for the intended purpose. From water that protects fountain systems and pipelines to drinking water of the highest quality. And this is possible anywhere in the world – even where a treatment of spring or groundwater has previously been unavailable or not possible. 

The best for premium water: substances that it naturally contains.

The WaterBox with CarbonAdd® works in three steps: Untreated water that has been carefully analysed is fed into the system, which is configured according to the application – treating groundwater or treating osmosis water – and according to the defined use. The actual CarbonAdd® treatment of the water takes place in the reaction tank, with the water subsequently fed into the intended system having undergone particle filtration and UV disinfection.

The crucial step in the water treatment process is the treatment with the CarbonAdd® product. CarbonAdd® is a powder mixture, which consists essentially of three substances: calcium chloride (CaCl2), sodium hydrogen carbonate (NaHCO3) and sodium carbonate (Na2CO3). In an extended form, concentrated magnesium sulphate (MgSO4) is also used. This means that it only uses substances that are already naturally present in water. These substances are used in such a way that the parameters required for the desired use of the water are adapted and stabilised accordingly.

The right mixture ensures really good water. 

The correct composition and exact dosage of the CarbonAdd®mixture is crucial for successful treatment. Depending on the desired application of the water, different parameters must be influenced to varying degrees, which then result in the corresponding water quality. With CarbonAdd®, this can be done in a very short time, as all processes run independently of each other in parallel and happen almost simultaneously.

To check the treatment, the relevant parameters such as pH value, conductivity and temperature are continuously measured via sensors at the input and output. If there are deviations in the untreated water, these are immediately compensated by correcting the dosage. The mixture itself continues to work as planned, as fluctuations in the untreated water are included in the calculation in advance.

What the OASE WaterBox & CarbonAdd® can achieve in one reaction cycle:

  • The water is neutralised
  • It maintains a stable pH value by forming a carbonate buffer system
  • The water hardness is increased in a controlled manner
  • Harmful metals such as iron, copper, aluminium, chromium and many more are eliminated
  • Fully or partially desalinated water is re-mineralised
  • The corrosive effect on the water management infrastructure is reduced

The OASE WaterBox & CarbonAdd® therefore not only impresses with a consistently high quality result, but also with its efficiency: for example the system can process up to 10 m3/2642 gallons of water per hour – with more than 99% of the volume of untreated water fed in then available as clean and stable pure water. If larger or smaller volumes of untreated water need to be processed, the system dimensions can be adapted accordingly. 

Spring and groundwater treatment: healthy drinking water for all

“All people should have access to clean and affordable drinking water” – this is stated in the sixth of seventeen UN Sustainable Development Goals. However, this is far from being the case, with many rural regions around the world not being connected to a central water supply with appropriate quality assurance. OASE WaterBox & CarbonAdd® can make a significant contribution to the local supply of clean, stable and healthy drinking water in compliance with the strictest guidelines. When water is treated with CarbonAdd®, harmful metals such as iron, copper, cadmium and aluminium are eliminated. What’s more, CarbonAdd® also ensures that vital minerals are preserved. The pH value is also regulated and corrosive metal effects are eliminated in order to protect the piping system from corrosion.

Osmosis water treatment: lasting value preservation for fountain systems

In regions without large natural groundwater reserves, fountain systems are often operated with water from reverse osmosis desalination plants. This is of no consequence to the impressive optics – but it impacts the water management technology. The pH value of osmosis water is too low and therefore, over time, attacks even high-quality, hard-wearing materials. The OASE WaterBox & CarbonAdd® is an ideal solution for a local water supply in fountain basins: The targeted treatment of osmosis water increases the pH value, raises carbonate hardness when it is too low and thereby increases the buffer capacity of the water. This results in the pH value being permanently stabilised. A long service life and operational reliability of all technical components are guaranteed – and thus the lasting, untarnished joy of the fountain system. 

Effect of CarbonAdd(R) on water parameters in a fountain installation in Kuwait

How the OASE WaterBox works with Carbon Add®: flexible, efficient and sustainable.

The technical design of the WaterBox and the dosage mixtures of CarbonAdd® are always tailored specifically to the individual properties of the untreated water, the desired pure water result and the water quantities involved. In addition to osmosis water and groundwater, CarbonAdd® can also treat rain, grey water or wastewater in a targeted way, provided these have been filtered and processed beforehand. The installation of the compact system depends entirely on the local circumstances. If required, it can be supplied with a temperature-controlled container which protects the system from the weather. It can also be installed in fixed high-rise tanks or there are flexible options for existing buildings.  


What’s more, the system can also be controlled, operated and maintained remotely via a smart service module that has access to the OASE Cloud. All input and output values are also continuously logged and stored.  


Thanks to its low power consumption of approx. just 200 Watts/m³, the power can easily be supplied via a suitably dimensioned solar panel. This means it can operate independently, even in areas where there is no power supply. This is also an environmentally friendly alternative to using generators with internal combustion engines.  


The OASE WaterBox and Carbon Add® combination is not only used for the urgent supply of clean, stable water; it is also used for long-term water management. It is estimated that more than 30% of the world's valuable resource of water is lost due to leaks during transport to the end consumer. The metal-protecting properties of water treated with Carbon Add® help to maintain the water infrastructure – to avoid water losses and to save on the costs of repairs in private and municipal areas.

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