Our expertise and experience from having implemented over 100,000 installations make your project exceptional.

Whether you're looking for a pool with individual fountains or a spectacular show project with special effects, when it comes to OASE PROFESSIONAL fountain technology, you can rely on us to strive for the ideal solution to implement your vision perfectly – both from a technical and a creative perspective. As your reliable partner, we stand by your side with a team of first-class specialists and a wealth of expertise. We are available to support you during any stage of your project whenever necessary; whether you need help with planning, specifications, assembly or long-term service management. Put your trust in "Made in Germany" technology and quality – and in "Made by OASE" services.

1. Advice and planning support

Every journey begins with the first step – or, in this case, with your vision. Whether you already have a clear mental picture of your fountain system or simply an idea for a particular water effect in the area being designed, we provide an expert's perspective and develop concrete proposals for key considerations. How can your project be implemented on budget from a technical point of view? What will the installation look like and what size will it be? We prepare initial drafts or detailed feasibility studies that take these questions and more into account. We're also happy to help planners and designers at this early stage with initial design ideas and inspiring visualisations of various water effects.

2. Animations and fountain shows

Every high-quality fountain system is a product of its unique choreography of water effects, light and colour. We specialise in custom creations that we develop according to your ideas – or even based on music you have chosen. Using our knowledge of what's possible from a technical perspective and our creative flair, we compose bespoke effects and choreography for your project directly in the software that you can later use for your show. Our digital animation gives you a defined picture and a clear feeling of your overall composition.

3. Specification and help with the tender process

Planners, architects and engineers are responsible not just for planning and designing an installation, but for specifying all the components in detail too. This process is time-consuming and labour-intensive. Using our expertise, we can provide support in these tasks as you require – for example, we can recommend products or assist with technical specifications. We can also provide practical support in preparing tender documents by creating texts for the product descriptions or by providing detailed drawings if required.

4. Project engineering and cost check 

Each space chosen for an installation has its own set of complexities. Our local OASE FT partners can provide precise on-site planning for the technical infrastructure. This planning process may involve positioning control cabinets or switch cabinets, calculating cable lengths based on the planned components, creating circuit diagrams, and merging electrical and mechanical systems through patching. Once all the details have been taken, we carry out value engineering in line with your specifications. This process involves a final check of whether and where the system can be optimised or if more efficient solutions can be provided. 

5. Production and preliminary testing

Each individual part for your installation is manufactured in our plants to the highest degree of precision using the latest production technology. Only high-quality materials are used in order to ensure a long service life. So that we meet the highest standards of quality and safety, we not only test each individual component but we also assemble your entire installation in full and subject it to full material testing, stress testing and function testing. Your installation is only dispatched once we are sure that everything works perfectly. We pack your system in a logical way to ensure that assembly runs smoothly and efficiently.

6. Installation and commissioning

Each OASE project is meticulously planned and prepared right from the first step to ensure that nothing stops you on the home straight: final assembly. Assembly is carried out by one of our local OASE FT partners and the process is particularly efficient thanks to handy technical products such as the OASE ProNect system. Furthermore, the installation process is overseen by an OASE supervisor, either on-site or remotely, who tests all components. After a run-through of the show using the OASE WECS controller, all that's left to do is say: It's show time!

7. After-sales service and customer support

Our certified OASE FT partners specialise in the professional maintenance and care of your installation. They monitor the technology and water quality and can identify potential problems in advance. OASE specialists are always on hand to provide support when needed with complex procedures. We ensure that spare parts are available quickly; they generally arrive on-site within 24 hours thanks to our global network. This is no short-term promise either: We keep spare parts available for seven years, even for refurbished products. We ship the required parts immediately without any complicated contractually obligated testing procedures. You also receive regular software and firmware updates, which we provide and maintain on a long-term basis. This means that when you invest in OASE fountain technology, you're prepared for whatever comes your way – and you'll be in the best of hands right from the start.

Provision of services during the project

Whatever your project needs, we're ready.

It goes without saying that the most exciting challenge for us is taking a project from the initial idea all the way through to its grand premiere. Customers benefit from this process too because they can receive perfectly coordinated and organised services from a single source. We are also happy to get involved in projects that are already underway to provide our expertise and dedicated services. It doesn't matter which stage your project is at – we get to work quickly and support you, your partners and your service providers with concrete solutions and ideas. 

No matter what stage your project is at, we offer the following services:

  • For development: planning support, concept proposals, design options, dimensioning advice, feasibility studies
  • For design: outline of what's possible from a technical perspective, development of show effects and choreography, inspiring animations
  • For the specification/tender process: provision of detailed sketches, technical data, product descriptions, advice on technical dimensioning and selecting products
  • For installation and commissioning: project engineering, system test, timely delivery of all components, efficient installation by OASE partners, supervision by specialists, run-through and testing of shows
  • For the service: maintenance of the installation by OASE partners, provision of spare parts as needed, your own contact person for any concerns, regular program and show updates


Everyone's talking about modernisation: get a head start on the future.

Modernising an existing fountain system is a worthwhile option for several reasons. By installing our long-lasting, energy-efficient LED spotlights, you can significantly reduce your power consumption and visually enhance the installation with fascinating colour displays. By switching to digital control technology via the OASE WECS system, not only can you benefit from more convenient operation and the ability to carry out maintenance remotely, but you can also run new programs at any time, which will give your installation a new lease of life again and again for years to come.