Lake Therapy by OASE. 

Out of respect for nature.

There are many types of standing water, and at least as many challenges or problems that can occur in it – from sludge and odour formation and oxygen deficiency to algae and bacteria propagation. In any case, it raises some questions to those in charge: Why is the problem occurring? How can I fix it? And how much does it all cost? 

However, we're still asking ourselves another question that cannot be answered with a short-term solution: Which method will solve the problem with long-term effect while ensuring maximum protection of the ecosystem and its environment? Our innovative OASE water therapy solutions are the answer: They work with tiny micro-organisms instead of large machines. They naturally eliminate sludge and algae-forming influences and promote invigorating, water-stabilising features. And they are so compatible with flora and fauna that they are even used in protected areas. Incidentally, the fact that OASE water therapy is often less expensive and, most importantly, more gentle than conventional methods is entirely in keeping with our sustainability-oriented nature.

Water types at a glance – targeted solutions for every body of water.

Whether it's a park pond, fish breeding tank, golf course water, a bathing lake or a dam, each type of water body has different conditions and is subject to different influences depending on where it is. Our water therapy is completely tailored to this – and offers individual, specific solutions.  

First aid for the first step. 

It is easy to determine whether a body of water is struggling by looking at certain characteristics, even if you are a layperson. Our OASE specialist partners on site help you with professional analyses to get an accurate picture of the situation and options for action.

Competent performance for complex processes.

Water therapy requires a high level of expertise – and often a lot of consultation with stakeholders of water bodies, such as authorities, municipal offices and fishing clubs. An equally important part of water treatment is obtaining permits or informing the public. We offer committed support throughout the entire process.

First-class award for sustainability.

The German Institute for Service Quality also presented its coveted "German Award for Sustainability projects" in 2021 – and the winner in the "Technology/Environmental Protection" category is OASE SchlixX Plus. Find out which innovative features convinced the top-class jury here.