SchlixX Plus

If large amounts of sludge have started to build up in the water, the nutrient levels become unbalanced – because sludge stores huge amounts of nutrients such as phosphate. This increases the risk of algae blooming or even the water becoming unusable. SchlixX Plus counteracts this actively: It releases oxygen which stimulates the micro-organisms in the water to break down organic materials. SchlixX Plus also contains specially selected aquatic micro-organisms that are bred in our German laboratories and also "eat up" the sludge. The phospate that is released during this process is bound in insoluble mineral apatite and it is no longer available for the algae as a nutrient. This innovation means that 1 t of SchlixX Plus can break down up to 3,000 m3 of sludge - removing the need for expensive dredging, which puts strains on plants and animals.