SchlixX Plus - 25 kg

Storage: Please store in a cool, dry place, protected from frost. Keep out of reach of children!

Due to various influences such as organic residues, agriculture, industrial wastewater and sewage plants natural lakes or production water bodies silt up. Once the sludge has formed, it also impacts the supply of nutrients in the water. Free nutrients are stored in large amounts of organic sludge, which increases the risk of algal bloom. SchlixX Plus is the ideal treatment for a water body in such a perilous state: The dual-active solution works both chemically and biologically. Firstly, the released oxygen promotes the ideal environment for a micorbial degradation of the sludge. Secondly, the specially bred natural micro-organisms in the bio component accelerate the sludge decomposition by "devouring" the organic sludge. The phosphate that is released during this process is bound in insoluble mineral apatite and it is no longer available for the algae as a nutrient. Thanks to this solution 1 t of SchlixX Plus can decompose up to 3,000 m

  • Key Features

    • Reduces sludge with high effective micro organism
    • Sludge reduction without excavation
    • Binds the phosphate released during the sludge decomposition

Technical Data

Container size25 kg
Range of coveragem2500.0