The best pumps, fountain nozzles, LED spotlights and the latest controller hardware are nothing without the smart software that brings them all to life simultaneously. OASE offers three possibilities to create tailor-made light and fountain installations. Whether it's pure lighting effects, varied water effects or a large show programme with music, sophisticated choreography and special effects, we offer the optimal, sophisticated software solution for your requirements.

The right combination of controller and software for every fountain design

Creative freedom free of charge: OASE WEPS

OASE's WEPS (Water Entertainment Programming Software) is the proven freeware solution which we offer as a free download. With up to 1024 recordable DMX channels, the WEPS is ideal for small- to medium-sized choreographies. Thanks to a graphic display, individual water images or entire scenes can be easily programmed and checked in a block visualisation.

The WEPS offers practical features such as automatic assignment and addressing of the end components, and an automatic show adaptation to the individual pipe lengths and heights. The control data can be sent in real time to the connected WECS III controller 64, 512 or 1024 to allow immediate "live" control of the show system. And then it's time to take the stage to perform the finished show!    

Free download

You can download the OASE WEPS software here free of charge.

For the ultimate show: Depence²

Welcome to the premier class of show programming: Depence², from our partner Syncronorm, is the software with which large stage shows and spectacular events are planned and realised worldwide. By purchasing different licence modules, you too can use Depence² for your fountain shows. The outstanding feature: With its animation modules, Depence² enables real-time 3D visualisation of the entire show. Every programmed effect, sequence or indeed the entire process is realistically reproduced on the screen, right through to 3D simulation of fountain shapes.

Significant advantage for planners and architects: Even from the offer phase, the customer already knows what the show can do.

To create perfectly synchronised multimedia shows, the Depence² modules Stage, Fountain, Special-FX, Laser and Animate offer a user-friendly workflow as well as powerful automation and logic functions.

Control module for effect sequences and programming

Without any visualisation or animation, the Control and Programming module focuses on the technical control system. It also offers the same high degree of user-friendliness and the expertise you'd expect from one of the world's leading manufacturers of show software. The best part is that this module range already offers many technical refinements that make programming shows a pleasure, such as the simple creation of product lines and shapes or the extended effect feature for sequences including timeline group channel tracks.

The control module of the Depence² show software is suitable for the show controllers WECS III 1024 and the multimedia controller.

With Depence², you are always ready for the big appearance. 

To license the Depence² software please contact us or use our contact form.