WEPS Software

With the WECS III (Water Entertainment Control System) fountain shows can be freely programmed and played synchronously to the music in a desired time schedule accurately to the second. The Software WEPS (Water Entertainment Programming Software) comes as standard with the WECS II. The WEPS software can be downloaded free of cost and a visualized fountain show can be pre-programmed with it.

The WEPS-Software is suitable for creating shows for small and mid-size systems. A graphical overview of the system configuration enables creating different water pictures and scenes in an optical style. These can be used individually as background for your show. The control data can be sent in real time to a connected "OASE WECS III" system enabling "Live" immediate control of a show system. You can start your programmd show manually from the hardware. Or you let start the show automatically with the scheduler.

  • Key Features

    • Show software
    • With real-time show visualisation
    • Fountain light shows can be synchronised with music