The new OASE SplashKit.
Simply. Inspire. 

With the smart SplashKit, OASE is setting new standards for splash deck fountains. Exciting, beautiful water and lighting effects meet an innovative and clever overall concept for different fountain designs, which makes setup and installation particularly easy and ensures smooth, efficient operation in the long term.

There are many different ways to develop, design, install and experience splash deck fountains. Designed for splash deck fountain systems with a central water supply, the new OASE SplashKit is the ideal solution.

The components included in the SplashKit complement one another perfectly and can be installed as embedded or suspended installations, which open up a wealth of possibilities for architects and planners to design public spaces, parks or shopping malls.

Dynamic, constantly re-programmable fountain effects, precise water patterns and a radiant, bright LED colour spectrum – all this makes the SplashKit fountain a multi-sensory experience that keeps enthralling passers-by, visitors and guests. Operators, planners and installers alike benefit from the technology and safety behind it. This is because the SplashKit is built on the decades of experience of OASE fountain technology specialists – bringing with it decisive benefits:

1. Outstanding fountain and lighting effects for particularly creative designs

  • Bright, colour-intensive RGBW LED spotlights with a long service life
  • Six different water patterns and variable fountain effects come as standard thanks to 6 easy-to-change nozzle inserts
  • New programming options for new, creative shows every time
  • Uniform colour pattern thanks to calibrated LEDs    
  • Precise water patterns thanks to the Orb Nozzle with integrated water softener
  • SplashCore water switch with up to 10 circuits per second for dynamic water effects

2. Intelligent component design and reliable tools for optimal results

  • Practical, precise arrangement of all components in the effect unit  
  • Compact concept with complete technology package
  • Nozzle integrated almost flush in the LED spotlight
  • Specially developed multitool for easy handling of the effect unit
  • Load capacity of up to 20 KN with LED installation on the surface, up to 5 KN with flush-mounted installation
  • Fitted, non-slip stainless steel covers for protection in winter or at events

3. Smart details for time- and cost-saving installation and maintenance

  • Up to 15% cost-saving potential due to material and time-saving installation*
  • Flexible, pre-installed adapters in the installation container enable optimal compatibility with the existing infrastructure
  • Secure and fast connection of components through patented OASE ProNect IP68 connectors  
  • The loop-through of the DMX/RDM signal and the 24 V DC supply reduces the number of lines required**
  • Quick adjustment of the fountain height through integrated and simple flow control
  • DMX bridges ensure operation even during maintenance or replacement of components
  • All components are easily accessible from above for quick maintenance

* Compared to market-standard suppliers based on a matrix of 10 x 10 fountain units.

** Taking into account local regulations and electrical installation

4. Long-term usage perspectives

  • Long-lasting, energy-saving LED technology
  • Water shows that can be constantly reprogrammed
  • Optional covers allow alternative uses of the space
  • Regular maintenance and service dates for long-term functional assurance

5. Smart technology for full digital control

  • Freely programmable lighting and water effects via the OASE fountain control system WECS – also independent of location via web server
  • DMX control of water switch SplashCore and LED spotlight  
  • RDM signal for operating status of water switch and LED unit – including remote maintenance via the web

Configure your SplashKit now.

For two ways of installation with infinite possibilities.

The OASE SplashKit is perfectly suited to your needs. According to your design needs and constructional or technical requirements, you have the option of choosing between the embedded or suspended installation. In both versions, all components are perfectly matched to each other to ensure optimum installation and safe operation – of course, always in accordance with the specified guidelines.   

Embedded SplashKit:

The embedded installation variation is designed for the long-term use and permanent installation of a splash deck fountain, for example in a marketplace. Here, the SplashKit is installed permanently – usually buried or encased in concrete, whereby the "SplashCan" installation container ensures the secure protection of the effect unit.  

This robust and fixed installation allows you to continue to use the space or surroundings flexibly – even events with many people can be carried out without any problems. The installation with separate water pipes makes maintenance, care and water changing extremely easy.  

You are also flexible in your choice of lighting – due to the strength of the surface, you can choose from three different types of spotlights.


Hanging SplashKit:

In the suspended version, fixed installation of the SplashCan is not required. This installation is carried out when a water basin also needs to be installed. The effect units without a container are enclosed with a clamping ring to the water basin's cover. The suspended version of the SplashKit is also ideal for the modernisation of an existing fountain system into a splash deck fountain. While each water supply runs separately, the water is discharged via the water basin infeed.  

Due to the flexible expansion possibilities in addition to the splash deck installation, this installation version is ideal for show purposes. For example, additional jumping jets can be integrated into the overall fountain design, which can also be installed in the water basin.  In the suspended mounting variant, you can choose from two types of lights.


The OASE Professional Service:
Here for you worldwide.

  • More than 950 employees at 19 locations as well as OASE partners around the world offer you first-class service and on-site support.  
  • The OASE service staff will help you immediately over the phone – or support you directly on site
  • Via our smart control system WECS, all DMX components can be checked remotely and error diagnostics can be created
  • To ensure the operation of the system and to minimise stoppage or downtimes, contact our global partner network for the fastest possible delivery of parts
  • The patented, waterproof OASE ProNect connection technology enables extremely fast and safe installations  
  • We offer attractive maintenance contracts including extended warranty periods
  • As an OASE client, you will have access to all documentation, data sheets and tender texts in the OASE media portal.

A perfect combination:
Your creativity plus the technology of OASE.

Let us inspire you with our ideas and designs for creative splash deck fountain systems, because with the OASE SplashKit, there are no limits to your imagination. Whether organic, modern, simple or unique – the OASE SplashKit allows a particularly varied and creative design. The smart OASE technology ensures particularly clear water patterns and outstanding illumination power.

We are looking forward to your ideas – and look forward to realising them together with you. 

Design idea: sinuous shapes​

Design idea: square shape​

Design idea: clover leaf​

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