Sediment Treatment

Whether a swimming lake, a fishery or a retention pond: Almost every water body has to deal with sediment or sludge formed of organic material. This sludge, stores phosphate, which is an important nutrient for algal growth. Sludge also reduces the water depth in a water body until, eventually, a waterbody silts up. At the same time, putrefaction processes develop that lead to bad odors and harmful degradation products such as ammonium, hydrogen sulfide and methane. We offer sustainable solutions for these challenges with the SchlixX product range. SchlixX promotes the natural sludge decomposition and is effective against foul odors. SchlixX Plus reduces sludge and organic sediment through the addition of microorganisms. SchlixX OxySpeed has an acute effect against putrefactive odors, toxic foul gases and fish kills by immediately increasing the oxygen content. The SchlixX product range allows you to improve the water quality sustainably, to combat the harmful effects of putrefaction processes and to increase water depth.