SchlixX OxySpeed

Leaves, fertilizer use in surrounding agricultural land, feeding aquatic birds and fish: The oversupply of nutrients inevitably leads to a water body silting up. Due to excess nutrients, algal biomass can increase and blooms can become be more frequent. When algal cells die-off and settle on the bed sediments, it delivers more organic material to the system. The consequences are amongst others: fermentation gases develop, which lead to unpleasant odors and toxic decomposition products like hydrogen sulfide. In the worst case, these toxic substances can lead to fish kills. SchlixX OxySpeed is the fast and sustainable solution. With its innovative active component combination that considerably increases the oxygen content immediately after application, and the fact that it releases oxygen to the sediment surface to breakdown organic matter over two months afterwards, SchlixX OxySpeed combines a quick response and long-term lake therapy.

In contrast to SchlixX OxySpeed, alternative measures use technical means or pumps to increase the oxygen concentration in a water body and thus prevent possible fish kills. These measures have a slow effect, for a short time and within a limited area of the body of water. SchlixX OxySpeed can be applied to large water surfaces within a short period of time and increase oxygen concentrations immediately and sustainably.