Technical water treatment from OASE.

For water as it should be.

In many regions of the world, the availability of water of good, safe quality everywhere and at all times is not a matter of course. Because there are too few natural, drinkable water supplies. Because, especially in remote areas, there is no infrastructure for water treatment. Or because water in highly developed areas is increasingly contaminated with residues that cannot be removed via conventional methods. 

This is exactly where the innovative solutions from OASE Water Technology can help in two ways: With smart technology, which is installed locally to treat water in a targeted manner – and then optimally prepared for reuse directly on site. With processes that are precisely matched to the desired water quality – without adding any foreign substances to the water. The result: Water that can be optimally used for people and their infrastructure. And which also helps protect the environment.

New: The OASE innovation for decentralised water treatment

clean, stable water is not available everywhere, where it is needed – be this drinking water or water for feeding into fountain basins. The OASE solution: The decentralised Waterbox & CarbonAdd® for targeted water treatment with natural ingredients present in water.