Entertainment Fountain

Seawater Lagoon - Malta

Project highlights


The first OASE fountain system using Mediterranean saltwater, in operation from 2013 to the present day.


The first musical fountain show in Malta.


Spectacular 30 m fountains thanks to the first ever use of OASE Air Nozzles.

The mission

A water spectacular with full entertainment 

"Be visionary, get creative and create an unprecedented water spectacle." Based on this short brief, our OASE team entered the running to provide a water spectacular for the "Malta SmartCity Lagoon" — an artificial lagoon in the middle of a newly emerging centre of excellence consisting of office, residential, retail and hotel buildings. The desire to stage a mixture of interactive and dynamic water-based and multimedia visual elements only gave the task more substance. The aim of the installation was to create a live entertainment spectacle that would enhance the location and thus increase its economic benefits.

Not all water is created equal

Operating this kind of system using saltwater posed a particular challenge. What long-term effects would saltwater have on the individual components of a system the size of two football pitches? This question had to be answered in 2013, as proactively as possible. In terms of design, it was important to take into account the size and the architectural context of the entire area during the creation process. As the centre of a terraced area surrounded by low buildings, the full size of the fountain basin had to be considered. 

The installation

The spectators become a part of the show

Interactivity and dynamics were two of the most important factors of the winning draft proposed by OASE. With a mix of unprecedented light and water sequencing effects, the day and night cycles of a clock were recreated and programmed in, giving the entire building complex a suitable atmosphere. The change of atmospheric water patterns and the shows with musical accompaniment ensured that the installation integrates harmoniously into the day-to-day events of spectators and beguiles them with its targeted highlights.

Design without boundaries

The design concept for the "Malta SmartCity Lagoon" aimed to conform with the concentric shape of the available space using circular water patterns. Thanks to special stainless steel products and appropriate sealing, the concept could be implemented with ease despite the challenge posed by operating with saltwater. During the eight-month commissioning phase, the team continuously monitored whether and how the system changed due to the state of the water so that tailored solutions could be developed.

The successes

Enthusiasm with added value

Since day one, the "Malta SmartCity Lagoon" water spectacle has attracted people to the innovative site. The first musical fountain system in Malta not only enchants the residents of SmartCity and accompanies them throughout the year. It also serves as a peaceful spot for employees of neighbouring companies to have their lunch breaks, while tourists prefer to visit it as a point of interest during the evening hours – a complete success for the people, region and operators of SmartCity.

Charge the saltwater line

When our experts are handed a new challenge, the spirit of development seizes them. Neither wind nor weather nor saltwater can stop them. And so, the "Malta SmartCity Lagoon" has provided one success worth celebrating: OASE's first saltwater system ever. It has been running for over 8 years and laid the foundation for countless other projects and product innovations from OASE.

Project fact sheet

Project nameMalta SmartCity Lagoon
Year of completion2013
Type of waterSaltwater
LocationSaltwater area/public space
BenefitsEntertainment / show 
Fountain typeShow fountain
Height of installation30 m fountain height
Size and shape of the poolRound pool, the size of approx. 2 football pitches
Fountain effectsMulti jets, Air-powered jets
ServicesConsulting, Design, Manufacturing, Show and choreography, Project management, Project engineering, Installation, Component supply, After sales service

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