Entertainment Fountain

Public area – Bucharest

Project highlights

World record: At 1.4 km long, it is the longest choreographed fountain system in the world, with 44 synchronised fountains
Approx. 4500 components that can be controlled via DMX
There have already been 120,000 amazed visitors in the first month after opening

The mission

From a small marketplace to a record-breaking attraction

There have been two decisive turning points in the history of Unirii Square in Bucharest, each with the same goal: To upgrade the public square so it is not only a popular place for the people of Bucharest to meet, but also the city's biggest attraction.  Until the mid-1980s, the square served as a small but central meeting point with covered food markets. To create a real attraction, the square was enlarged and a large, central fountain was built, along with an additional 44 fountains along the adjacent Unirii Boulevard. The concept worked initially – but the system deteriorated more and more as time passed: By 2018, it carried hardly any water and some parts of the system were completely broken.

A fountain system upgraded to optimum quality in just five months

In 2018, city planners wanted to restore the existing fountain system in its original style, while also upgrading it to the highest level of quality in Europe using new equipment and state-of-the-art technology. They wanted the complex to become one of the city's most important attractions, as was originally planned in the mid-1980s. Making the 16,200 m2 area as spectacular as possible did not pose a challenge – there were plenty of ideas. However, the limited time remaining until the planned opening really put OASE to the test: There were just three months left for the whole production process and just two months left to install all of the elements. 

The installation

An impressive design to get the ball rolling

To showcase just how astounded future visitors to Unirii Square could be, the first group that needed to be won over by the design were the project managers. OASE used a highly professional animation so that the project managers could experience an integrated show with a variety of spectacular water, audio and video effects before the concept was made a reality. Once the concept was approved, architects and museographers began working to preserve the original mosaic-style fountain pool and the sculpture in the centre of the main pool. Moving from the planning phase to the implementation phase as quickly as possible involved a lot of hard work and cooperation.

Many hands make greater success

To restore Unirii Square to its former glory quickly and seamlessly, OASE mobilised all of the engineering resources it had available around the world. The project was also divided into delivery and installation phases that were as detailed as possible, allowing processes to run partly in parallel so that each of the individual steps for implementation were perfectly intertwined.

What's more, all the participants were incredibly committed and personally invested in making this world-record fountain project a success.

The successes

When setting a world record is just a bonus

Completing the project on time was one thing, setting a world record was another – but the greatest success for all participants was something else entirely: It soon became clear that Unirii Square was one again fulfilling its original role as a central meeting point. It brings together residents and tourists alike and makes them feel as though they are part of an impressive spectacle. The fountain system unites big and small, old and new – and using projections onto its water screens, it tells the story of its own history and of Romanian traditions, embodying the meaning behind its name, i.e. a place for coming together.


Long live change

With around 4500 components, the Bucharest fountain system is extremely flexible and can tell stories and invoke emotions in spectators using an impressively wide range of water, light and sound effects. The technology used can orchestrate each of the 44 fountains to create an effect that involves the entire system, and new sequences can be configured as required. The future-proof setup ensures that the system will never lie in ruin again and that a complete overhaul like that of 2018 will not be necessary for a long time.

Project fact sheet

Project nameBucharest fountains, Unirii Square
Year of completion2018
Type of waterFresh water
LocationPublic square
BenefitsEntertainment / show
Fountain typeShow fountain
Height of installation20 m fountain height
Size of the pool16,200 m2 total area of the pools
FontäneneffekteJumping Jets, Single Jets, Multi Jets, Frothy Jet, Air-Powered Jets, Transformer Jets, WaterTwister, WaterScreen, Fire Effects, Fog Effects, Motion
RecordWorld record (World Record Academy): The longest choreographed fountain system in the world
LeistungenDesign, Manufacturing, Show & choreography, Project management, Project engineering, Installation, Component supply, After sales service
In cooperation withAqua Design

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