Fountain Technology

Our products: Bringing fountains to life

Our products are constantly being enhanced by OASE experts so we can set new standards in terms of quality and range. Patents, intelligent systems, extra-robust systems, simpler installations and – last but not least – impressed customers are a testament to this innovative spirit. Small components that have been designed to work perfectly together and highly flexible show elements come together to create previously unseen water choreography with minimal effort. Of course, all of this comes from a single source – and is available worldwide.

Our innovations: Encompassing the spirit of discovery and our inner passion

We are passionate innovators – with over 30 patents worldwide, we are the undisputed leader in the industry. We strive to achieve never-before-seen effects, highly efficient technologies and new ways of enchanting people – whether we are creating new fountains or modernising existing solutions.

Systems and solutions for the future

Modular, high quality and easy for anyone to use – these are the requirements we set for our systems. To achieve them, we use materials that guarantee durability and precision, maintenance- and modernisation-friendly components and technologies that are and will remain future-proof. 

The new OASE SplashKit: Simply. Inspirational.

The OASE SplashKit sets new standards in splash deck fountains (dry fountains): firstly, it's super simple to install thanks to smart components and ProNect connection technology. Secondly, it offers a wealth of creative possibilities: The SplashKit is freely configurable for splash deck fountains of any size and offers complete digital DMX/RDM control and programming as well as excellent pump, LED and nozzle devices for creative fountain and light effects.

Our customised solutions: Unique as standard

Specialist teams in our development department are able to bring unique customer ideas to life and make even the most unimaginable creation a reality. It doesn't matter how sophisticated an idea is – we are happy to have a specific idea or a vision, as this allows us to be creative. Unique and unusual ideas exciting for us, for our customers and for the people who visit our fountains. 

Creating our effects: Experience fountains with all your senses 

We make fire dance on columns of water, turn fountains into projector screens and combine visual and aural effects until they become moving. Our portfolio of special effects and superlative products is growing with every order we complete. Extremely tall fountains, spectacular movements or water shooting into the air – often our customers' requests are what give us new ideas. 

Powerful intelligence: Our pumps for water movement

Without water movement, there is no fountain: If you want people to be moved by water, you need more than just highly efficient and high-quality fountain pumps – you need intelligent and controllable systems, too.  Only with intelligent control systems can dynamic water images and complex water choreographies be implemented consistently, precisely, reliably and above all in a long-lasting way.

Fascinating light: Our illumination products

Whether it's a futuristic laser beam or as an atmospheric dimmed LED, light has a direct effect on our mood and can have a big emotional impact – that's why we use this radiance to showcase nature and our fountains in ever-changing ways. Thanks to the lighting elements we produce, water elements, trees, shrubs and even buildings can be experienced in a variety of ways, all in the best OASE quality.

Full control, wherever you are: Our power and programming products

Powerful fountain systems require an equally powerful power supply and reliable digital control system. Most of the components used are also completely waterproof, which saves time and money in terms of installation and system connections. Our range of solutions – some of which are patented – can be controlled remotely or via DMX/RDM and viewed at any time, so we can keep up with the cutting edge.

Excellent water quality for clean and long-lasting fountain systems

There are two ways of ensuring optimal water quality in fountain systems: either using mechanical solutions or water treatment products. OASE offers various options that are often used in combination with each other to prevent contamination by deposits or algae and to ensure optimal water characteristics. 

Invisible, but not indispensable: Our installation equipment

The seals, screws, pipes and fittings that hold our highly complex fountain systems together usually receive little attention from the audience. They are nevertheless important components in our fountain systems and ensure long-lasting functionality and ease of use.