Fish farm pond

Problem: Lack of oxygen, sludge formation, fish death

Project highlights

Sludge formation and fish mortality effectively stopped
Eco-friendly and fish-friendly water therapy
High cost efficiency thanks to significantly increased yield

The starting point

Carp mortality successfully prevented

All industries are feeling the effects of climate change – such as increasingly infrequent snow and reduced rainfall, or, by contrast, heavy rain that leads to flooding – and fish farming is no exception. These changing conditions mean that the six carp ponds at the Rödental fish farm in Upper Franconia suffer from insufficient water, severe sludge formation and not enough oxygen – a vicious circle that is far from rare. The farm's low point came in 2016, when the entire carp population died due to the water quality being severely impaired. But this is certainly an issue of the past: In his search for an effective, fish-friendly and sustainable solution to this recurring problem, the farm's owner reached out to OASE.

The solution

Combined water therapy

In view of the advanced sludge formation, after conducting an in-depth analysis we recommended a two-pronged approach consisting of our SchlixX Plus and PeriDox products, which are not harmful to fish. The environmentally friendly SchlixX Plus is made up of the mineral component calcium peroxide and highly effective microorganisms. The combination of active ingredients reduces sludge while also increasing the oxygen content of the water. Due to the exceptionally low oxygen content, the application is supplemented by PeriDox. This has been specially developed to ensure fish health, which further optimises the water's oxygen content.

The target: 2 to 3 mg oxygen

The recommended combination therapy was tested in one of the six ponds. The chosen pond has a water volume of 4000 m3, and the recommended dose in this case was 100 g of SchlixX Plus per cubic meter of water. PeriDox was added to bring the oxygen content up to the 2 to 3 mg required for healthy carp – and keep it there.

The successes

Clean water, healthy carp and a boost to pond fertility

The result after one year can only be described as a complete success: Algae formation has significantly declined and the oxygen content of the water has been increased to the desired level. Thanks to SchlixX Plus, the pond sludge has been greatly reduced and has also solidified. And, most importantly, fish mortality has not only been successfully stopped, but the fish population has even grown significantly. As soon as seasonal conditions permit and the water temperature is consistently at least 8°C (which is required for the therapy), Zapf plans to use the method in the other ponds.

Economical thanks to increased yield

The fish farmer is extremely happy with the cost-effectiveness of the solution too. Thanks to the significantly increased yield, the additional costs of the OASE PROFESSIONAL preparations are not a considerable expense. And our highest praise came in a letter of recommendation in which Zapf thanked us for our advice and encouraged us to reference his positive experience in conversation with other fish farmers.

Project fact sheet

Project nameRödental fish farm
Type of waterFreshwater
Type and sizeFish farm pond, 4000 m3
ProblemLack of oxygen, sludge, fish mortality
Product appliedSchlixX Plus and PeriDox
Period and type of applicationFirst application in 2016
Result of the applicationSignificant sludge reduction, stable increase in oxygen content, no algae formation, fish mortality stopped, population growth
Continued applicationIn the following season, the solution was applied to three more ponds on the site

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