LED modul MDD XL 3D /DMX/02

LED Modul is designed for the Multi Directional Drive XL 2D /DMX/02 / Multi Directional Drive XL 3D /DMX/02. This module consists of three energy efficient LED RGBW - lights with 11° / 31° beam angle, a holder and Underwater LED Driver /DMX/02.

  • Characteristic

    • 3 x energy efficient LED-RGBW-light with mounting bracket, fine adjustment and holder for using with Multi Directional Drive XL 2D/3D
    • 3 x 1707 Lumen with a beam angle of 11°/ 31°, 3 x 50 W
    • Temperature controlled high class LED
    • Wet and dry installation – water proof in accor dance with IP68
    • For fresh-, pool- and sea water
    • External electronic in a separate control box / junction box – waterproof connector, easy to connect.
    • DMX/RDM-capable in combination with the Underwater LED Driver /DMX/02
    • Individual measurement of the basic colours of the LED-RGBW lights and the use of the Underwater LED Driver /DMX/02 guarantees equal brightness of all lights in the system and a homogeneous colour combination
    • Galvanic isolation between the DMX and 24V DC power
    • Dimensions lamp housing: (Ø x H) 482 x 100 mm
    • Strobe effect
    • Lifetime of up to 50.000h*
    • Temperature controlled high class brand LED