Water level sensor 2000-3/5

OASE water-level sensors ensure reliable control of the water level and thus prevent the pool from overflowing. The Water-Level Sensor 2000-3/5 is designed for greater level differences of approximately 50 to 2000 mm, such as occur in water reservoirs.

The stainless steel housings of the Water-Level Sensor 20-3 and 20-4 also take on the function of the common electrode. The minimum and maximum electrodes are in the housing. The permanently set level difference is 20 mm. In addition the 20-4 has a dry-run protection electrode.

It can be retrofitted with a dry run protection electrode. The electrodes can be adjusted according to the level differences via the cable length. They give switch on and switch off commands to regulate the water level or to protect the pump technology (Supplemental electrode 2000-1).

  • Key Features

    • Automatic replenishment of fresh water if the water level drops
    • Compensates for different water levels
    • Robust and reliable technology
  • Characteristic

    • With dry-run protection and alarm function
    • Safe operation

Technical Data

Number of electrodesUnits3
Level difference2500 mm
Power cable lengthm3.00
Protection classIP68
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm315 x 135 x 150
Net weightkg1.32


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2D drawing
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