CyanoClear - 25 kg

Once CyanoClear is applied, it triggers an oxidation process that specifically attacks and destroys the cell structure of cyanobacteria (also known as blue algae). But it's not just the cyanobacteria themselves that are eliminated – the cyanotoxins they produce, which are harmful to human and animal health, are also reliably neutralised within 48 hours. CyanoClear has a triple effect. It specifically destroys the cell structure of cyanobacteria, neutralises the toxins released by them and simultaneously releases oxygen. By neutralising the cyanotoxins, a body of water can be used again within two days without any health risk, for example for humans or dogs. Bathing bans specifically imposed on recreational waters can therefore be lifted again quickly.

  • Key Features

    • Eliminates blue algae in the body of water
    • Neutralises cyanotoxins
    • Does not contain heavy metals or organic biocides

Technical Data

Container size25 kg
Range of coveragem2333.0