SeDox - 25 kg

Storage: Please store in a cool, dry place, protected from frost. Keep out of reach of children!

Ponds are small compared to naturally formed lakes. Abundance of nutrients is one of the biggest problems in ponds. Too high contents of phosphate mostly lead to excessive growth of algae. SeDox converts phosphates, the most important nutrient for algae in water, to the insoluble mineral apatite. The apatite that is formed is not harmful to fish or other living organisms. It is absorbed as a nutrient through the roots of aquatic plants. Algae are not able to use apatite for nutrition. The algae are deprived of the nutrient phosphate. This way excessive algae growth is prevented. SeDox is effective for up to six weeks, depending on the phosphate content. During this time, it reduces the phosphate content of the water to less than 0.035 mg/l, the critical factor for excessive algae growth. SeDox also facilitates the decomposition of sludge in ornamental ponds and biotopes. Since excessive growth of algae speeds up the sludge building process in ponds, reducing the algaes nutrients also prevents quick formation of sludge.

  • Key Features

    • Limits algae grow by insoluble phosphate bonding
    • Supports sludge reduction

Technical Data

Container size25 kg
Range of coveragem3500.0