Orb Nozzle

THE OASE Orb Nozzle is a robust, anthracite-coloured plastic nozzle for ground installation, which is fitted precisely into an OASE LED spotlight. With an integrated water softener, it guarantees a fantastically clear water pattern – and offers a range of fountain effects: The Orb Nozzle provides six different nozzle inserts for a wide variety of water patterns as standard. Changing the nozzle inserts is quick and easy thanks to the exclusive OASE multitool (supplied separately): The nozzle can be accessed directly from above without having to remove the entire effect unit. The SplashKit multitool also helps you with the installation and alignment of the nozzle: The Orb Nozzle can therefore be adjusted in any direction by 5°, in order to produce a vertical water jet, for example, even on a slope. The Orb Nozzle fits perfectly on the nozzle connection of the OASE SplashCore water switch, to which it is simply fastened with three screws.

  • Characteristic

    • Robust plastic nozzle for ground installation
    • 6 nozzle inserts included – flexible effect options for different water patterns:
      - Comet 10
      - Comet 12
      - Cluster
      - Volcano 1-stage
      - Volcano 2-stage
      - Trumpet
    • Clear and precise water patterns for all applications
    • Integrated water softener
    • Optimal alignment of the nozzle by 5° in each direction
    • Separate SplashKit multitool aids in alignment and installation of the water patterns
    • Nozzle inserts can be easily cleaned or replaced from above using the SplashKit multitool (effect unit does not require removal)
    • Can be integrated into the 5 following premium spotlights:
      - SplashKit LED XL round /DMX/02 (Item no. 84883)
      - SplashKit LED XL square /DMX/02 (Item no. 84839)
      - SplashKit LED XL recessed /DMX/02 (Item no. 84882)
      - ProfiPlane LED XL RGB Spot /DMX/02 (Item no. 73005)
      - ProfiRing LED XL RGB Spot /DMX/02 (Item no. 73004)
    • Perfect coordination with the OASE SplashKit

Technical Data

Dimensions (Ø x H)mm69 x 105
MaterialPlastic / Stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304)
Net weightkg0.50

Technical Details


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