Underwater Switch 24 V DC Compact/DMX/02

With exceptionally fast switching of up to 20x per second, the Underwater Switch 24V DC Compact impresses for the connection and control of monochrome lights, AirNozzles as well as other 24 V DC controlled components. Up to 4 end devices can be controlled individually with a switching time of up to 0.05 s, which can be easily connected thanks to the optimised housing shape. Up to 50% of the total system and material costs can be saved by using the DMX/RDM capable Underwater Switch. The 24 volt IP68 connector allows the unit to be installed safely, quickly and easily and is suitable for use under water.

Thanks to the incredible switching speed of up to 0.05 s., new, additional and above all impressive effects (e.g. VarioDrop, VarioSwitch or AirNozzle) can be achieved with the Underwater Switch. The compact and robust design of the underwater switch enables quick and easy connection of the terminal equipment and prevents damage.

  • Key Features

    • As fast as a woodpecker: High switching times down to 0.05s enable new effects.
    • Fast installation due to simple wiring
    • Low overall costs due to material savings
  • Characteristic

    • 24 V DC Underwater switch for: Air Nozzle 24 V DC, all monochrome 24 V DC lights, VarioDrop, VarioSwitch
    • Input: 24 V DC in/out; DMX in/out
    • Output: 4 x 24 V DC switchable
    • Max. Switching time 0.05 s
    • Overload protection of the outputs
    • Compact design
    • Reverse polarity protection
    • Protection class IP68
    • Suitable for operation in sea water
    • With patented underwater connection technology

Technical Data

Slot (outlet)4 x 24 V/DC
Rated currentA16
Rated voltageV24
Secondary flow max.A4.0
Secondary voltage4 x 24 V / DC
Protection classIP68; 4 m
DMX connectionYes
Power connection typePower-Box 24 V DC /01
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm151 x 140 x 70
Net weightkg1.20

Technical Details


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