SplashKit Cover square

The SplashKit Cover square ensures that passers-by and pedestrians are protected if the effect unit with the square spotlight SplashKit LED XL RGRBW square /DMX/02 for events has been removed from the SplashCan before the winter. The particularly robust cover is made of high-quality stainless steel for long-term resistance to external influences such as road salt. The non-slip surface structure according to DIN 51097 with a slip safety value of R10 ensures safety for passers-by. How this benefits you: Thanks to the OASE SplashKit multitool and the OASE ProNect plug-in system, the expansion of the effect unit is particularly easy and quick to implement.

  • Characteristic

    • Non-slip surface structure according to DIN 51097 with slip safety value R10
    • High-quality V4A stainless steel, resistant e.g. to road salt
    • Cover for the SplashKit area with the SplashKit LED square