Natural body of water 

Problem: Sludge formation, silting, blue algae growth

Project highlights

First official use of SchlixX Plus in Bavaria
Exceptionally successful with up to 75% of organic materials broken down
Ensured that the renowned Hof Regatta could take place on the Quellitzsee

The starting point

When plan B becomes the number-one solution

Located southeast of Hof in the Tauperlitz region of Bavaria, the Quellitzsee is a natural body of water measuring 6 hectares and a popular destination for swimmers and anglers. In the past, these leisure activities were occasionally hampered by strong blue algae blooms and in 2013, the authorities of the city of Döhlau discovered another problem: So much sludge had formed in the lake that immediate action was needed.

Plan A: An island made of sludge

The conventional approach – dredging the lake – and especially the subsequent disposal of the organic sludge, turned out to be too expensive. Instead, a different plan was decided on: The lake would be drained, the sludge would be dried out and then heaped to create an island in the lake. However, this approach had two major drawbacks: Firstly, the organic material would have remained in the water and continued to have a damaging effect in the future. Secondly, this would have meant cancelling a sport event that is incredibly important to the region: the annual Hof Regatta, a prestigious highlight of the international canoeing season in which over 1000 people participate.

The solution 

Plan B: The "mayoral" solution

The mayor of the city of Döhlau wanted to find a way around this. When looking for alternatives, he came across OASE's procedure. After just one meeting, during which our experts explained the environmentally friendly way in which the SchlixX Plus microorganisms work, he was convinced that this was the solution that would save the lake and the regatta for the city and its residents. He brought together all the relevant decision-makers and together with councillors, officials and OASE experts, it was decided that an initial test run would take place during the quiet winter season, when there would be no fish or bathing: The lake would be drained of half its water, then SchlixX Plus would be applied to part of the lake.

The go ahead – twice over

By April 2014 everything was ready: The authorities had carried out preliminary tests to determine the sludge height and the special OASE boat set off to spread the necessary 1.5 tonnes of SchlixX Plus over half of the Quellitzsee. Everything went perfectly – except the weather conditions. When checks were carried out, it was discovered that, due to the low temperatures, the sludge had formed a solid, impermeable surface. As a result, the applied material was not able to penetrate the sludge to take effect. However, the OASE specialists also found a solution to this challenge: They developed an injection procedure that enabled SchlixX Plus to penetrate even the lower layers of sludge.

The successes

A sigh of relief all round

To record the effects of applying SchlixX Plus, the authorities arranged for the sludge height to be regularly measured by divers – in secret locations to rule out any tampering. The results brought to light by the divers could not have been clearer: By June, the sludge height had already decreased by 10 to 15 centimetres. And by July 2014, an incredible sludge reduction of 50–75% of the original amount was announced. 

And what about the water quality?

The water authority, the health authority, OASE itself and the members of the fishing association drew a clear conclusion from their tests: Applying the product did not affect the quality of the water – but it did break down considerable amounts of sludge. There were other positive effects as well: The reduction in organic material removed a food source for the algae, making it more difficult for them to propagate. And all this cost significantly less than the conventional dredging procedure.

At the end of the treatment period, the original enormous sludge height in the lake had decreased to a layer of just 5–25 cm. This result pleased nature lovers, bathing visitors, anglers and of course the regatta participants and organisers alike.

Facts and figures

Project nameQuellitzsee
Type of waterFreshwater
Type and sizeNatural body of water, 6 ha
ProblemSludge formation, silting and blue algae blooms
Product appliedSchlixX Plus
Period and type of application2014: Using a special vessel, 1.5 t of SchlixX Plus were applied to 15,000 m2 in the area of the lake close to where draining took place
Result of the applicationSludge layer reduced to 5–25 cm = sludge reduced by 50–75% without releasing nutrients; since more than 7 years after the treatment, the water has remained without further incidents and no further follow-up treatment has been necessary

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