Water Entertainment Control System

The four versions of the WECS III standalone controller offer either 64, 512, 1024 or 4096 DMX/RDM channels. From a straightforward fountain system to a huge, spectacular show with music, 3D projections and special effects, systems of any size and scale can be operated precisely in combination with the corresponding software solution. Almost all sizes of fountain systems can also be ideally controlled with the WECS III controllers. The WECS III 64 is the ideal solution for beginners with smaller systems, while the WECS III Multimedia Controller D² offers a comprehensive solution for exceptional fountain shows with a large number of components to be controlled. And if these sizes still don't meet your needs, even more DMX/RDM channels can be added to cater to your individual requirements. All WECS III controllers are equipped with the latest technology, made in Germany: Four DMX/RDM lines for even greater connection capacity and accelerated RDM transmission, an integrated web server, an additional Ethernet port for future expansions (such as a cloud connection), an integrated USB port, optimised overvoltage protection and a large clear display for convenient operation. WECS III Node allows you to connect additional components, for example when expanding the fountain system into a secondary basin. Nodes are controlled via Ethernet using the WECS III controller. They transmit signals without interrupting the system, making transmission faster and highly precise.