WECS III Node ​/DMX/02

Making more possible

Once you add several DMX/RDM terminals to a fountain system or construct a fountain with a secondary basin, the Node comes into play. Large quantities of DMX/RDM data can be transmitted simply and easily over larger distances. Using a high-speed Ethernet fibre connection measuring up to 1 km, up to 16 Node devices can be integrated into a system to ensure that any show goes smoothly.

  • Characteristic

    • 4 DMX / RDM lines
    • Supports up to 2048 DMX-RDM channels directly (4 universes)
    • Regular software and firmware updates available – via Ethernet, USB, SD card
    • Smart node for WECS III controllers for expanding the control system (master-slave operation)
    • Suitable for live operation: changes to the fountain programming are immediately visible live

Technical Data

Rated voltage24 V DC
Rated currentA0.42
Power consumption max.W10
Protection classIP20 (power unit)
permissible operation temperature °C0 - 40
Permissible humidity (no condensation) %0 - 80
Number of digital inputs (galvanically isolated) Units0
Number of digital outputs (galvanically isolated) Units0
Number of audio outputs, AUX, stereo (galvanically isolated) Units0
Number of DMX/RDM lines Units4
Number of DMX/RDM channels Units2048
Number of interfaces Ethernet 10/100 MBit 1 x RJ45
Number of interfaces Node Link 100/1000 MBit 1 x RJ45
Number of interfaces USB 2.0 Units1
Number of interfaces microSD card (FAT32, max. 32 GB) Units1
Display type IPS
Display resolution px240 x 320
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm158 x 94 x 58
Net weightkg0.40


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