SchlixX - 25 kg

Storage: Please store in a cool, dry place, protected from frost. Keep out of reach of children!

Free nutrients, foremost phosphates are the main driver of algae bloom and the accumulation of sludge in lakes. Also the organic part of sludge stores free nutrients. By removing it, there is more water capacity in the water body or the production lake. At the same time the risk of green and blue-green-algae bloom is reduced. Using SchlixX has two effects: The oxygen that is released by SchlixX is used by aquatic micro-organisms in order to break down organic sludge which leads to a reduction of the sludge volume. The phosphate that is realeased during this process is bound in the insoluable mineral apatite. SchlixX exclusively combats organic sludge. That is why sediments such as sand that enters the water through inflows is not removed by SchlixX. Before deploying the product we therefore recommend analyzing the sludge to first determine the precise composition of the water bed.

  • Key Features

    • Supports the microbial reduction of sludge
    • Binds the phosphate released during the sludge decomposition

Technical Data

Container size25 kg
Range of coveragem2500.0


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