SplashKit Multitool

For OASE, an all-round system not only includes outstanding, long-lasting technology, but also uncomplicated assembly and maintenance. This is exactly what the handy multitool, which has been specifically developed for the SplashKit, provides. Its central functions include the ability to precisely align the nozzle unit, which can be adjusted by 5°, by means of integrated spirit level. The multitool can also be used to fix the nozzle unit so that the ball insert is firmly installed. If care or maintenance work is necessary, the complete effect unit can be simply lifted out with two multitools by means of hooks. This enables the SplashKit multitool to contribute to time-saving and therefore cost-saving operation of the system.

  • Key Features

    • Custom designed for quick and easy working on the OASE SplashKit
    • Easy alignment and fixing of the nozzles directly during installation
    • Save time and money when it comes to maintenance and care, as the complete effect unit can be easily lifted with two SplashKit multitools
  • Characteristic

    • Integrated level for precise alignment of the nozzle insert
    • Option to fix the nozzle orifice for tight installation of the ball insert
    • Two SplashKit multitools include hooks for lifting the complete effect unit for maintenance and servicing

Technical Data

MaterialStainless steel / Plastic
Net weightkg0.19

Technical Details


3D drawing
3D drawing
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