JumpingJet Rainbow Flash III /DMX/02

Jumping Jet Rainbow Flash III /DMX/02, an impressive water-light effect; crystal-clear, laser-like water jets shoot in wide arcs through the air. The cut off function enables the 18 mm water jet to be cut individually into short sections. The ring illumination on the stainless steel case with its multi-coloured light spectrum draws special attention at night.

The Jumping Jet is now equipped with 24 V DC technology, thus integrating ideally into the OASE 24 V DC system. The Jumping Jet Rainbow Flash III / DMX / 02 is DMX-RDM compatible and suitable for remote maintenance with the corresponding controller. The colour of the integrated RGBW LED light and the length of the water jet can be freely selected and controlled. Through the use of controllable pumps additional dynamic parabolic widths and heights can be generated.

  • Key Features

    • precise, crystal clear, laminar water jet with cut-off device
    • Fountain with coloured LED lighting, stainless steel housing
    • Can be individually programmed via DMX-RDM
  • Characteristic

    • Can be used indoors and outdoors with dry installation technology
    • Surprising water features, dynamic parabola possible
    • Precise, crystal clear water jets
    • Jet diameter 18 mm
    • Cut off function
    • Vibration-free, quiet operation
    • Extremely stable - with or without floor anchoring
    • Compact stainless steel design
    • Sea water Jumping Jet Rainbow Flash III on request
    • Integrated illumination effects with strong RGBW-LED light
    • 24 V Technology
    • DMX/RDM capable
    • Ring illumination as a new effect
    • Long service life

Technical Data

Number of DMX channelsUnits8
DMX Channel 1red
DMX Channel 2green
DMX Channel 3blue
DMX Channel 4white
DMX Channel 5Master
DMX Channel 6not used
DMX Channel 7not used
DMX Channel 8Shutter
Jet diametermm18
Vertical swing range°45-90
Water parabola max., laminar with lightm6.00
Max. water parabola laminarm6.00
Pressure-side connection1 ½"
Max. operating pressurebar0.3
Water depth, min.m0.30
Water depth, max.m0.25
Environmental condition: submersible applicationWater temperature: min 4°C to max. 35°C
Environmental condition: dry applicationAmbient temperature: max. 30°C with natural convection, max. 40 with forced convection, no direct sun exposure permitted
Power consumptionW20
Rated voltage24 V / DC
Rated currentA0.83
Power connection typePower-Box 24 V DC /01
DMX-RDM connection typeDMX-Box /01
Bulb typeLED
Light colourRGBW
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm560 x 386 x 690
MaterialStainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304)
Net weightkg39.40

Technical Details



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