Varionaut 150 24 V /DMX/02 [US]

The Varionaut 150 24 V /DMX/02 is the midrange DMX/RDM compatible pump with 24 V DC technology. This highly dynamic, individually adjustable pump generates water features with exact repeatable fountain heights.

The Varionaut 150 24 V DC complies with the international installation regulations for fountain installations and may be installed directly in the pool (<30V DC). The maximum fountain height that can be achieved in 1 second with the Comet 10 - 12 is 3.1 m. The pump (50665) has 1 m power cable with 24 V DC connection box and 1 m BUS cable with DMX connection box including capillary lock. The second DMX/RDM connector allows other devices (such as other pumps or LED fixtures) to be interconnected. The patented IP68 waterproof connector makes installation safer, easier and faster.

  • Characteristic

    • 24 V / DC fountain pump for indoor and outdoor application
    • Suitable for wet installation
    • Power consumption of max. 120 W
    • Reverse polarity protection
    • 1 m power cable with connection box (only 50665) and 1 m DMX cable with DMX box
    • Frost protected up to –20 °C
    • Protection class IP68

Technical Data

Motor Type / Electronic24 V, DC, DMX-RDM controlled
Delivery head – H max.m5.00
Flow rate Q max.l/min145
Flow rate Q min. (Offset mode – DMX 0)l/min22
Rated currentA5
Rated voltage24 V / DC
Time to reach full fountain height from 0 - 100 %1 s (Comet 10 - 12)
Switching frequency/rest period1 x per minute / 10 s
Environmental condition: submersible applicationCH0396#02
Environmental condition: dry applicationCH0397#03
Protection classIP68; 4 m
Immersion depth max.m4.00
Suction-side connectionG 1 ½
Connection type, suction-sideExternal thread
Pressure-side connectionG 1 ½
Connection type, pressure sideExternal thread
DMX-RDM connection type1-m BUS cable with box
Number of DMX channelsUnits2
DMX Channel 1Function
DMX Channel 2Speed
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm311 x 161 x 158
MaterialPlastic / Stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304)
Net weightkg5.17

Technical Details


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