With the SplashCan, OASE is setting new standards across the board – in the operation, and above all in the efficient and precise installation, of Splash Deck fountain systems. Starting with the choice of material: The container is made of light, but extremely strong and durable plastic. This also provides a load capacity of up to 20 kN for the integrated version with the use of the SplashKit LED XL RGBW round or square. The required access points for water – including a flexible adapter with an easily accessible flow controller – as well as for power and DMX cables, are already pre-configured in the SplashCan. Depending on the situation on site, the cables can be connected from the bottom or from the side – and can be securely sealed by means of pre-installed adapters. If the surrounding surface has not been worked exactly according to specifications, the SplashCan also proves flexible here: The variable water connection adapter allows the height to be adjusted up or down by 1.5 cm to achieve the correct installation position. The included installation cover, which also protects against contamination during installation, is helpful for accurately determining the height. Using the eye bolts on the outer ring of the Splash can, the containers can be firmly connected to each other by means of struts, and can be positioned at an equal distance.

  • Characteristic

    • Fountain container for installation of the effect unit in the integrated installation variant
    • Robust plastic can withstand all stresses and strains, while also simplifying handling on the construction site
    • Flexible installation options for connecting cables (from the side/from below)
    • Pre-assembled adapters for the water supply, water discharge and cable glands
    • Includes manual flow control for the individual adjustment of the fountain height
    • The installation cover serves as a level for the height of the fountain surface and protects the connected pipes from contamination during installation
    • Earth conductor included in scope of delivery
    • Screw lugs in the surrounding ring allow the containers to be strung together

Technical Data

Pressure-side connection1"
Connection2", DN 75
MaterialPlastic / stainless steel
Net weightkg6.97


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