AirNozzle 50 E-70 m vertical 01

The compressed air driven AirNozzle is available for high fountain heights of 30, 50 and 70 m. These AirNozzle are operated with compressed air and can be controlled by DMX with the DMX Underwater Switch 24 V DC / DMX / 02.

Water Level & Refill behavior: For a long-term stable operation, it is important to keep the water level constant. This is because the fill level and the replenishment time depends on the water level. In this sense the best surrounding for such water features are waterbodies in which the water level is determined by a dam or an overflow.

  • Characteristic

    • Compact, robust stainless steel Air Nozzle
    • IP68 in 24 voltage technology; for underwater use
    • Pluggable, easy to install and to connect through underwater OASE technology
    • Short refill times
    • For fountains up to 70.00 m in height

Technical Data

Fountain height, max.m70.00
Shooting frequency/water refill timesec.25
Amount of water per shotl180.00
Nozzle orificemm50.0
Water level min.mm1595
Waterlevel max. mm1595
Air pressure max.bar15
Connection air inlet1 ½"
Power consumptionW18.5
Power cable lengthm7.50
Power connection type24 V DC plug
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm1676 x 704 x 600
MaterialStainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304)
Net weightkg80.00

Technical Details


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